One Well

By Rochelle Strauss

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Essential Question

Why is water an essential resource?


  • global- about the whole world
  • species- a group of living creatures that are alike in some way
  • groundwater- water held under ground
  • glacier- a large and slow moving piece of ice
  • quenched- satisfy by drinking
  • water cycle- the way water circulates on Earth
  • evaporate- change from liquid to gas or vapor
  • water vapor- water in gas form
  • condensation- the process when water changes from a gas back into a liquid
  • precipitation- rain, snow, sleet, or hail
  • photosynthesis- the way plants make their own food
  • transpiration- the evaporation of water from a plant's leaves
  • habitat- the place where a plant or animal naturally grows or lives
  • freshwater- water that does not contain salt
  • saltwater- water containing a large amount of salt
  • aquifer- a layer of rock that can hold groundwater
  • pollution- making the air, land, and water dirty or unsafe to use
  • conserving- protect something from being wasted or harmed

How much water do you use?

One Well

What would we do without water?

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