The Great Pyramids

Giant Structure moved by Giants?

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The Great Pyramid of Giza was originally around 500 feet tall!

When and Where

According to Lesko, the Great Egyptian Pyramids were built between "2700 to 1700 B.C." for the purpose of preserving, or protecting from damage, the mummified bodies of the Egyptian kings. All of the pyramids were built in the country of Egypt, but they are found in several different locations. According to Lesko, the first pyramid "Step Pyramid" is found in the "ancient city of Memphis". However, the most famous pyramids, totaling ten in all, are found near the Nile River in a place called Giza.

Hard Work-- Description of mystery itelf-- describe it

The Great Pyramids of Giza took a tremendous amount of sweat and labor. It is believed that the Pharaoh Khufu,who was the son of Snefru and was second ruler of the 4th dynasty moved the royal necropolis to Giza,Egypt;enslaved his people in order to build this massive structure.2,000,000,weighing about 2.5 to 15 tons each, blocks were used,and The Great Pyramid weighs an average of over 5 million tons,since the blocks that were being used weighed 2.5 to 15 tons.This giant structure is as big as ten football fields and the pyramid rises at 160 feet.The only tools the workers had to use were copper tools and a plumb line.It is believed that 100,000 men were working on this structure for 30 years."It is estimated that the workers had to set a block every two and a half-minutes,and each block weighed an average of 2.5 to 15 tons each."All in all, this structure must have been the largest and hardest man made object ever made.

The Confusion-- what makes it mysterious or unsolved

  • "Modern chemist are puzzled by the cement used to adhere the thin outer facing of the pyramid to it's core stones.
  • Many scientist and other people don't know the exact reason why the The Great Pyramid was built.
  • "Those who rest or sleep under pyramid-shaped tents claim they feel better and more relaxed."
  • "The pyramid is the largest and most accurate stone monument on earth."

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