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Happy Holidays,

I hope this message finds you doing great. Tis the season to be merry and with the year coming to an end, planning for next year is just around the corner.

I have been very busy this year and took a much needed vacation. I traveled to Kenya & Tanzania Africa for 5 weeks with a girlfriend I have known for 50 years. If you have never been to Africa, please consider putting it on your bucket list. It was the most amazing trip of my life and the word that best describes the experience was Majestic. It was like being inside the cage with the animals at the zoo.

If your life has changed and you would like to explore business ownership again, it would be my pleasure to help you.

Have a healthy, happy and exciting holiday.

From my home to yours.

Your franchise coach,


P.S. Here are a few photos from my trip!

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Franchises Added 16,970 Jobs in October IFA – November 7, 2014

According to November’s ADP National Franchise Report, franchises added nearly 17,000 jobs in October. This number is slightly less than last month’s and is below the 12-month average, which is just above 22,000 new jobs per month.

Restaurants continued to lead the way with 13,240 new jobs. Accommodation and Auto & Parts Dealers also added a combined 2,300 new jobs. In total, franchises now account for 8.33 million jobs. Accommodations now account for more than 700,000 jobs.

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Helping Dementia Patients Through Franchising

Entrepreneur Magazine Q& A - Nov. 29, 2014 by Kate Taylor

As a physician that works primarily with elderly patients, Dr. Nicole Ross saw first-hand the need for better in-home care in her community. So, Nicole and her husband Mark decided to open a Right at Home senior care franchise. In addition to the typical in-home care services, the Ross’s location also offers a new program called Alive Inside. The program taps into music’s ability to battle memory loss to improve the lives of elderly patients.

What's Your Wish?

The White Envelope

It's just a small, white envelope stuck among the branches of our Christmas tree. No name, no identification, no inscription. It has peeked through the branches of our tree for the past 10 years or so.

It all began because my husband hated Christmas---oh, not the true meaning of Christmas, but the “craziness” of Christmas – where he had a tendency to sit back and do WAY too much thinking, about his future, his family, what he wanted to be when he grew up, so to say. Knowing he felt this way, I decided one year to do something for him. The inspiration came in an unusual way – I was watching a magician on television doing a “trick” when it struck me…

I asked him to write down for me, every New Year’s Day, what he wanted from his life. It didn’t matter what he put down – this was for him. And I didn’t want to see it. Then, every Thanksgiving weekend, when we put up the Christmas tree, I’d ask him to open it and see what it said. And then I’d ask him, “Are you closer to reaching it? If not, what can I do to help?”

After a couple of years of this, my husband turned to me and said, “Yes, you can help. You see – I want to own my own business. I’ve always realized I could build equity for our family better this way – plus get away from the corporate nonsense I deal with every day. But if we do this, we’re going to have to tighten our belts in the short-term. Are you ready to help?” I nearly keeled over from shock. I had become accustomed to our nice little life – and knowing my husband was able to make a good salary and support our family well. I worked as well, but was also busy with the kids, so we depended largely on his salary.

“What are you considering?” I asked, trying to sound supportive.

“Well, I’m looking at buying a franchise,” he said. “I’ve been working with a franchise consultant, and they have helped me understand my skills and what franchise companies would be right for me. I’m in the process of investigating several right now – and one, in particular, is looking like a really good fit for us.”

“Oh. K…,” I mumbled, and then quickly began thinking of ways I could submarine this radical thinking that was going to destroy the security of our family. “Have you spoken with your Dad about this?”

“Yes, I have,” my husband said, “and he asked me if I had the ‘stuff’ to make it work?”

“Well, do you?, “ I asked.

“I don’t know,” my husband replied, “but I DO know that if I don’t see this through, I’ll never be happy, because I will have never seen through what I thought I could do with myself in life.” “Well, obviously this is important to you.” I offered. “Let’s share it with family when they’re here for the holidays – and see what they have to say,” hoping in my heart they’d help me out on this issue.

“We can do that,” he said, “but I don’t need another WIPE-OUT. You know, WELL-INTENTIONED PERSONS OFFERING UNINFORMED THOUGHTS? My Dad has been doing that to me my whole life. It took me years to understand that he didn’t mean me harm, but that he wished for my safety, and that suggesting I avoid risk was his way of doing it.”

“I’ve already spoken with a lot of people,” he went on to say. “And I’ve learned that once you begin to talk about your desires to own your own business, you will get all sorts of comments back that don’t always reflect an understanding of who you really are, and certainly don’t reflect a knowledge of the business you are investigating.

Be it your father, or your “know-it-all” sister-in-law, or your neighbor, or your co-worker, or your banker, or accountant. They all seem to have an opinion. I have learned I needed to understand two things. First, as I said, I’ve learned that my loved ones have my “safety” at heart – not my “success” – so they are hardly in the position to advise me to do something that would put me or my family at any risk at all. Secondly, many can make a comment that may appear to have my best interest at heart, but that person doesn’t have the details I have in investigating a business.

I guess I’ve learned this is something I simply have to do on my own.” Wow, I thought. He’s got me pegged. “OK, then what can I do here?” “Join me in this investigation process,” he requested. “Work with me to learn about these businesses. And then we can decide together – if this one particular business isn’t right, it won’t change how I feel. I still want to do this.”

Well, we did exactly what he asked me to…and 7 years ago, we purchased a franchise business together. It has met his personal fulfillment needs – and neither of us has ever regretted a minute. But why still the “white envelope,” you say? Do I still have him fill it out every year?

No, I don’t. These days it is no more than an empty envelope. But it’s a constant reminder to me to that I almost “blew it.” That I was thinking about what I thought was right for me, not for my husband, or for our family. And that reminder is the best message I can receive every holiday.

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New Survey Finds Veterans Thriving in Franchise Industry

IFA, by Jenna Weisbord Nov. 2014

WASHINGTON, Nov., 10, 2014 – More than 50,000 veterans have found employment in the franchises industry over the past year and more than 400 veterans have become local franchises business owners, according to a new Veterans-in-Franchising Study, released today by the IFA.

Phyllis Pieri, CFE CCP

I use my passion for people and my 30+ years in the franchise industry to guide fledgling entrepreneurs through the franchise selection process. In my franchise career, I have done it all, including working for franchisors, consulting with franchisees, and owning franchises myself. This depth of experience makes me ideal for helping place new business owners in the right concept for them. I have trained a myriad of others, in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. to use my tried and proven approach to franchise business selection.