August 30, 2020

Message from the Superintendent

SCPS Families,

During our second week, all of our schools delivered new learning! As with our opening week and I imagine for weeks to come, we witnessed many successful connections and learning experiences as well as making ongoing adjustments to keep getting better. I remain so proud of our entire staff, from our teachers and administrators to our many support staff. They are all working incredibly hard and remain committed to equity in meeting our student and family needs.

Distance Learning Support and Enhancements

While we are excited to embark on our new learning adventures, we would like to thank our parents, students, and staff for their patience as we navigate and operationalize our 100% distance learning program.

  • To date, SCPS has received solar mobile hotspot donations for 11 and commitments for 5 more from business partners that will be placed around our community. The Instructional Technology team has begun construction and is waiting on a few more parts. Once we have the devices built, we will test the product to ensure connectivity, battery life, etc. While we are working on the construction, SCPS staff is identifying the locations for the mobile hotspots around our community. We are also anticipating the arrival of the additional 900 individual hotspots that were ordered.

  • As we bolster connectivity support, it is important to note that each of our school’s continue to serve as internet/wifi hubs for students who are presently unable to connect from home. Beginning September 8th, we expect to offer eligible students activity bus transportation support.

  • Our schools have distributed over 10,600 devices to students and teachers. Each evening, the Instructional Technology department is gathering information from schools to determine which students and teachers are still in need of a device or replacement device to better access distance learning/instruction. This information is then utilized to shift the devices from one school to another within our 31 sites. While we know that this is not ideal, we are thankful for everyone’s patience. Please continue to reach out to your schools, if support is needed. We are also hoping that our many additional devices on order arrive soon!

Family Connection Webinars

As we navigate this new road together, we will be continuing to meet with the advisory teams of students, teachers, and parents. This year, we will also be providing a monthly Family Connection Webinar to support emerging and on-going needs our many families will have throughout this journey. Relevant updates, topics, and resources will be shared along with answering pertinent questions. More information will be sent out directly to parents soon.

As always, know that our entire school system, as well your schools, are here to help address and overcome challenges we are all facing.

Have a great week!

Dr. Scott Baker

Superintendent of Schools

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Stay Safe - How to Make a Face Covering

The CDC recommends that wearing cloth face coverings in public areas may help slow the spread of COVID-19. Below is guidance that you can download on how to make a cloth face covering and how to wear and clean it.

DIY Cloth Face Covering Guidance PDF

DIY Cloth Face Covering Guidance PDF (Spanish)