Forced Marraige

It has its dangers but also its benifits

Forced Marriage is..

Forced marriage is a marriage in which one or both of the parties is married without his or her consent or against his or her will


  • Women/Men can be forced into physically and mentally uncomfortable situations
  • Person forced into marriage may enter deep depression
  • A lot of time ends in death of one or both sides of the marriage
  • Can compromise persons social and family lives
  • If not done so may bring shame upon family
  • Can end up getting raped and abused throughout time with husband
  • People being forced to marry can have a large age diffrence


  • Can offer money and wealth to family in poverty
  • Can bring you closer to your heritage
  • Will offer protection to family
  • Will ensure blood line continues
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Laws Against Forced Marriage

  • In UK forcing marriage carries a seven year term in jail
  • The US government considers forced marriage to be human rights and child abuse
  • Australia- The Commonwealth Criminal Code Act 1995 (the Criminal Code) contains offences regarding forced marriage. It is illegal to cause a person to enter a forced marriage, and to be a party to a forced marriage.

Iran's View On Forced Marriage

  • Young girls can be forced to marry before they reach puberty
  • Man can have up to 4 wives
  • Men can have unlimited amounts of temporary wives
  • Women have no right to divorce or retain custody of children

Afghanistan's View On Forced Marriage

  • Afghan women are beaten, raped, forced to cook, and forced to clean
  • recently people have been burning themselves to death to escape forced marriage
  • Women can not get married under sixteen nut most that are forced to marry are children
  • Eradication has forced parents to force children to marry traffickers/ drug smugglers or be killed

Forced Marriage in the USA

  • Only 10 states have specific laws that can be used to prevent forced marriage
  • You have to have judge approval if under 16 to be married
  • People 17 year old can get married if parents sign marriage licence
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Reasons Why...

  • Death threats
  • abuse
  • In some countries it is tradition for your parents to choose your spouse if you don't want them to sometimes they will use force
  • Some times people were told they would be taken some place safely but instead they were forced to marry or be killed
  • Eradication and drug smugglers


Ayesha* ran away because she knew her parents were going to force her to get married. After months of death threats and even saying her sister had cancer( which was a lie) she came back home. Her family took her to Pakistan and kept showing her guys they thought would be a perfect husband. After say no multiple times she finally gave in. On her wedding day she asked him if they don't do what usually happens on wedding nights. Instead of saying yes he said no and then raped her. She stayed with him for a while so she would not disappoint her parents. She lived in a abusive relationship. After a while she had enough and ran away, up yo this day she lives with her friend from college and is divorced, she still visits her parents but is thankful that she ran away and no longer has to live in the situation her family put her in.

How Does It Affect Families/Realitives

  • Some times the family is okay with because they are the ones encouraging it
  • Other times families/realitives are heart broken because there child was forced to do that or die

Why Does It Occur?

  • It occurs because of...
  • Drugs
  • Death Threats
  • Abuse
  • etc.


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