Newsletter 4 May, 2022

Marian Catholic School

Principal's Reflection

Tena koutou katoa e te whānau

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Welcome back to Term Two. We have had a great start to our term enjoying coming together as a whole staff at morning tea again and gathering as a whole school for Gospel Assembly. It has been wonderful seeing parents around the school grounds. This beautiful whakatauki couldn’t be more relevant as we welcome our students and their families back to school.

He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.

What is the most important thing in the world? It is people, it is people, it is people.

Please join us

This term our charism value focus is LIVE COMMUNITY. With the relaxing of the COVID restrictions to ORANGE we are able to gather as a whole school and celebrate our wonderful school community. Reinstating many of our usual activities helps the growing sense of returning to some sort of normal.

On Thursday we have an excellent opportunity to invite parents to join us for our beginning of Term Two mass. We will have tea and coffee set up in the GSEC after mass. Come along and catch up with staff and other parents.

This term’s learning focus is ‘Heritage’. Our ‘heritage’ is shaped by the stories, objects and actions of the past and together will inform the way we build a faith based community for the future. The teachers will be drawing on our local area for stories and resources, including the library and museum to create authentic learning experiences. We look forward to sharing our learning with our parent community at the end of the term.

Staff news

We welcome Ms Luke who will be full time teaching in Room 13 for the rest of the year. Ms Luke has been working in Room 13 last term and is looking forward to the rest of the year with the class.

We remember Ms Anna Gerritsen in our prayers as she continues to recover from her nasty break and dislocation suffered last term. She is making good progress and is looking forward to reconnecting with her class.

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Over the holidays we had two exciting staff events to celebrate.

Congratulations to Mel and David Martin on the arrival of a healthy baby boy. Mrs Mel Martin had been teaching in Room 13. Mum and baby are at home and doing well. Lots of prayers and best wishes to the Martin family.

Congratulations to Miss Lord who was engaged over the holidays. We wish Jenna and Danny all the very best as they plan this exciting next step in their lives.


On ANZAC day we had two senior students represent our school and lay a wreath. I would like to acknowledge Lizzie Barr for her leadership in organising this event for our school.

Thank you to our senior students; Lizzie and Shalom for attending the ANZAC Day service, and thank you to Mrs Jardine McIntyre for making our wreath. "Every New Zealander who has served our country in war or conflict deserves our greatest respect – this day and every day. Let us honour our brave service personnel, and all who have lost their lives in service to New Zealand." With the Ukraine invasion, we share our prayers with those suffering in current conflicts.

I look forward to seeing you around the school over the coming weeks,

Ma te Atua koutou e manaaki

God’s blessings on you all,



Gospel Reflection

Third Sunday of Easter. John 21: 1-19

During the third appearance of Jesus after Easter, he met with His friends at the side of the lake. He prepared breakfast and ate with them. During this meal Peter pledged his love to Jesus and was given the task of leading and protecting the followers of Jesus. He also found out that he would die a martyr’s death for his beliefs.

As friends of Jesus we are also asked to follow him. Like Peter we may have to suffer for believing in Jesus. Also like Peter we are asked to tell Jesus that we love him and to show this through our words and actions towards others.

Charism Focus

Our Charism focus for this term is LIVE COMMUNITY. All term we are focusing on ways that we can build our community of faith to be a supportive and loving place to be, where people feel welcome, supported, included and loved.

At our school, we work to bring Christ into the World. Jesus Christ showed fairness in his life and in his dealing with all people. He is our model and we can follow his example. We need to show through our actions and reactions how we are the hands, face and voice of Jesus.

We need to stop , think and then act. Are our actions showing the love that Jesus showed? Our Charism of LIVE COMMUNITY has helped us to think about our actions and what it means to be part of a community.

So what does this mean to us at Marian School? Within Marian school we belong to different communities - our class, our Learning Community, our whole school and our Parish. When we listen to, and share our gifts with each other, do things to help and support each other we can achieve great things.

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DRS News


Thursday 5th May Easter Mass 9.30am

Thursday 2nd June Pasifika Mass: PENTECOST

Thursday 7th July End of Term Mass : HERITAGE

We are delighted to be celebrating our first Mass of the Term on Thursday with the whole school coming together for Mass. . We welcome parents and members of our wider school and parish community to join us at 9.30am. A community morning tea is to be held in GSEC afterwards.


In the Catholic Church the month of May is Mary’s month. It’s the month we honour Blessed Mary as the Mother of Jesus and our Heavenly Mother.

As our school is named after Mary- Marian Catholic School, this month is a special one for us all to pray to her.

This Sunday we remember all Mothers on their special MOTHERS DAY.

We thank God for the wonderful gift of mothers. We especially think of all who are mothers, mothers-to-be and grandmothers, as well as those who love and care for children like a mother.

We praise and thank our God for the nurturing and maternal love that you bring to your families.


God Bless

Nicki Whyte DRS


We warmly welcome into our school community the following children and their families; Oliver Panharja (Rm10), Jayden Gregory (Rm10), Sofia Rivera (Rm3), Selena Rivera (Rm6), Angela Jens (Rm1), Lucas Antony (Rm4), Zain Catapang (Rm4), George Tomati (Rm1), Elijah Gall (Rm5), Zachary Campos (Rm5), Beau Cate (Rm5), Anja Ulatowski (Rm5), Lucjan Ulatowski (Rm5), Jamie Teem (Rm14), Ishitha Chanchel (Rm2), Sean Palivino (Rm1), and Adeline Anoj (Rm3)


We extend our deepest sympathies to Sienna Casson and her family, whose much loved grandfather passed away in Australia.

May he rest in peace.

Heritage Context for Term 2

Ka mua ka muri - Looking to the past to inform the future

We want our students to understand; Our heritage is shaped by the stories, objects and actions of the past and together will inform the way we build a faith based community for the future.

We want to know what is important about the idea of ‘Heritage’ to your whānau / family. This will help shape the learning for the students and help us learning about the Heritage stories of Māori, as first settlers, and other settlers in our community.

We will be encouraging students to find out about their Heritage stories. Please ask your child this week for the letter about ‘Heritage. Then send the note back to school letting us know your thoughts or how you could help the students with their learning.


Dates to Remember

  • Mass - Thursday 5 May

Before School and After School Care

Before School Care: If you are wishing to enrol your child at Before School Care please use the email above.

After school Care : For casual bookings please email the Friday before the following week. This is essential for our planning.

Second Hand Uniform Shop

Our Second-Hand Uniform shop is open Fridays from 2pm to 2:45pm. The shop is located in the Whare (situated on the edge of the church car-park)

All articles are from $2.00 to $10.00, the proceeds of which go to the Welfare Fund


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AIMS games are on again this year: 3-9 September in Tauranga for Year 7 & 8 students.

Marian has sent along individual sports persons and various sports teams for many years. If you have a child who excels at their individual sport and would like to compete at this tournament please head along to the AIMS webpage: and see what they have to offer. Please note that all costs/transport/accommodation will have to be self-funded by the individuals attending.

We have confirmed a Futsal team is attending - the trials for this were held at the start of term 1.

Mrs Higby is considering if she will take a netball team and will be having some games this week to decide - your children should already be aware of this.

If you would like to send your child along to compete in an individual event then please contact me and register your child: All registrations have to be done through the school office.

Girls’ Cricket Team

Last term, a group of 11 Year 7 & 8 girls decided to form a Marian Girls’ Cricket team. Although we were really confident about joining, not all of us knew how to play cricket. We have had 2 great coaches, Olivia and Kate, who taught us everything we needed to know about cricket and shared their passion for the game. Our games were quite challenging for us however, we made sure that we gave our best shot in each game and had heaps of fun while playing. We improved a lot over the term.

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Sacred Heart Girl's College, Open Evenings

Kia ora Koutou,

We look forward to meeting new families seeking enrolment at our College next year. We have delayed finalisation of our Opening Evenings to ensure that we will be able to progress this important event without potential postponement.

Open Evenings:

Dates: Wednesday 18th May and Thursday 19th May.

Time: 4.30pm until 7.00pm (last booking).

Format: Small group tours. Registration will be required.

Duration: 70-80 minutes.

The tours will ensure that we are able to maintain Covid protocols, whilst creating a positive and personalised experience. Staff and students will show families our learning spaces and share with them why Sacred Heart Girls’ College is the best choice for their next step in education.

We look forward to welcoming future students and families to our College in May.

Kind regards,

Catherine Gunn


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St John's Information Evening

Registrations due in by next week please (13 May, 2022)
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Term 2 Gymnastics

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Learn to Dive with Waikato Diving Club

Waikato Diving (Springboard and Platform) are running Learn to Dive session at WaterWorld commencing term 2 2022.

Sessions will be run on a Tuesday or Wednesday for 40 minutes between 4pm and, or on a Saturday morning.

Diving teaches fitness, water confidence and safety, learning to meet and conquer challenges, friendship and a team spirit without the team environment of some other sports. It is also an Olympic Sport. (for those planning ahead)

Divers need to be confident in water and ideally at least 7 years old.

To register your interest or find out more information please email or txt / call Danny on 0276002201

Entertainment Books

Order your Entertainment Membership and support our fundraiser.

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Aaaaaaand… We’re BACK!

With the continued easing of restrictions it’s now even easier to get your kids into learning an instrument at your school!

MusiqHub stands apart because we have professional musicians tutoring a wide range of instruments:… Guitar, Ukulele, Drums, Piano, Voice, Violin, Recorder

Better tutors, better content, better get involved…

Carl Watkins


Ph: 027 388 9558

Saturday morning music classes

Enrolments are now open for Term Two 2022 at the Waikato Community School of Music. The first session is on Saturday 7th May. The school caters for all ages (3 to retired) and ability levels, offering group-format and one-to-one music tuition in a range of instruments. Group-format class fees range from $45 to $110 per term (7 lessons in Term Two) depending on student age and the instrument chosen. The enrolment fee for an instrument class includes participation in as many of our ensembles as the student wishes. Enrolment in ensembles only is also an option. One-to-one classes can aid in preparing for exams and earning NCEA credits.

Class times are between 8:00am and 2:00pm on Saturdays during primary school terms. WCSM is located on the University of Waikato campus in Hillcrest. (Note that all those aged 12 or over on University premises must be vaccinated, including students, parents, caregivers and tutors. Those age 8 or over should wear a mask).

Contact us via our website WCSM or on 07 838 4611.

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