Attention Babysitters!

By-Ariel Josey

Help Wanted!!

Attention all local babysitters,My name is Ariel Josey and i am looking for someone to babysit my little girl Monday through Friday.Her name is Mia and she is 6 years old,She loves attention and loves to play.I will pay up to $12 each hour.I need a babysitter from 10am-4pm each day.If interested please call, 704-728-7289, Thankyou!

ACTIVITIES-Some things you can do with her are finger painting,Playing at the nearby park,You can read books to her,Or you can play with her barbies with her,She also likes Dress up and watching movies or making snacks.

Advice & Most important things to know...

Some advice i give you is to be playful with her and act like you want her attention,Mia is very shy but usually opens up if you talk to her.Mia is in kindergarten and she likes to learn.Usually if you ask Mia what she wants to do she will tell you.Mia doesn't usually mention when she is hungry so you could ask her and make it fun!Some of the most Important things you should know is that Mia is allergic to Shrimp and Bee's.If something is to happen and you should need an doctor her Doctors number is on the Fridge along with her grandmothers.Sometimes Mia Pitches chokes so its important you watch her as she eats and cut up things like hotdogs and other meats.Mia takes medicine everyday at 2pm and it is very important she takes it.

Do's And Dont's


-Respond when the parents text you or calls you.

-Always try to be positive.

-Don't tell them about the bad things their kid did until they get home.

-Ask about the bedtime routine.

-Wear comfortable but appropriate clothes.

-Follow the parents' requests.

-Clean up a little bit!

-Be positive.


-show up late

-Have friends over.

-Let anyone inside the house without the parents' permission.

-Show up with facial piercings.(a simple small nose ring would be okay)

-Let the kid get away with anything.

-Leave the kid alone.

-Keep bad news a secret. (like breaking a lamp.)