GRE BASE Reminders & Newsletter

Enrollment Calendars DUE by Wednesday!

Enrollment Calendars from Oct. 5th to Oct. 16th are DUE Wednesday by Midnight!

Don't forget! All Enrollment Calendars that are submitted on time will be honored!
Late submissions could mean we are at capacity.
Do not delay!

BASE parent portal link-

Fall Break is included in this period!
The Menu of Events is attached below and can be found here.

We have limited capacity for a few of our days due to ticket sales!


You are able to add sessions beyond these dates- BUT once you have signed up, you are locked in! Only sign up for what you KNOW you will need.

Accreditation Visit THIS WEEK!

The Event is FINALLY upon us!
We will be visited by an endorser from the Council on Accreditation, on Thursday and Friday of this week.

Mr. Peter will look at our program, and our procedures- to see if we uphold the standards for Child and Youth Development Programs.

We have been working toward this for the last year! We will now see it to fruition, and be able to move forward from this initial process.

Mr. Peter will visit with student, parents, BASE Staff and GRE Staff to insure that we work hard to include our families in our decisions and ensure safety of our kids.

If you would like to be added to the parent interview list please follow this link to add your information.

Find out more about the Council on Accreditation!

Late Pick up's

The GRE BASE Program closes at 6pm.

We strongly recommend that parents have a backup plan in the event they are unable to pick-up children by 6:00pm.
Reasonable consideration will be made for bad weather and weather related road conditions.
After 6:00pm children are supervised by Program Staff until pick up by authorized persons. Police will be contacted if we are unable to reach a parent/guardian or emergency contact. Police will be given custody of the child after 6:15pm.

I ask you to keep in mind - the GRE BASE staff are committed to keeping your children safe and happy while they are with BASE. Staff also have personal responsibilities outside of their time with your kids. There are second jobs, children at home, and personal obligations. Please respect their time and pick up your child by 6pm.

Everyone here does their best to maintain costs, so that any extra funds can go back into our wonderful program. Additional payroll and overtime is a severe draw on our budget. It is not recouped by our late pick up fees, and in turn, effects our programming. Have a back up plan ready.

Capacity of Thursday Oct 1st

We are at capacity in our Before and After School programs on Thursday Oct. 1st.

There will be NO DROP IN's for that day.

Remember- you must contact BASE to request a Drop In 24 hours before the session. Otherwise you can be turned away.
If you know more than 24 hours out- please add the sessions needed through your BASE Parent Portal.

BASE parent portal link-