Will's Rhythm Discovery Center

Rhythm Discovery Center

Tuesday November 3rd...

Mrs.Bachman's class went to the Rhythm Discovery Center!Will said " it sounds so cool! Were about to get on the bus, it's our special time.Then Mrs.Bachman's rockstars were on our way to the bus number,110,Nathan says " it is time to go play on our bus seats let's play mental tick-tack-toe.It took five or six minutes to walk in the building."Wowsers look at that tile "said Anthony. Next we go down the escalator to the tile to take a class picture.Next we go to the big eight foot drum . Then Dan talked to us and we went to the log drum ,after that we went to the tam tam. Then we went to the drum circle,there were little drums and big drums. Then we had free time and went to the bus and we went back to the school.
Rhythm Rocks!

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