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March 25, 2022

Good afternoon DCS!

RICAS (state assessment) will be happening this spring for all grade 3 and 4 students. Mark your calendars for the following dates:

Grade 4 ELA: April 6 and 7

Grade 3 ELA: April 12 and 13

Grade 4 Math: May 9 and 10

Grade 3 Math: May 12 and 13


Last call for Survey works!

It is that time of year again! Please take a few minutes of your time to complete the RIDE survey works survey. Here is the link. The School Improvement team will use this information to make improvements. Currently, 49% of our families have taken the survey. This impressive. We would love more participation. Both parents can take the survey.


Remember to go directly to your child's teacher for any questions, concerns, positive feedback, or for information about the school day.


We will be using #dcsanchors all over social media. Look for it on twitter, Facebook, and Instagram!

Have a great weekend!

Mr. Morrone, Proud Principal of DCS!

WPS PreK-4 Handbook

Celebrating Accountable Independent Reading Homework in Grade's 3 and 4


Grade 3

By: Jack H.


Title: Who was Babe Ruth?

By Joan Holub

Prompt: What point is the author making? What reasons or evidence does he or she have?

Response: Today I read Who Was Babe Ruth? by Joan Holub In the chapter "School Days" the author made a point that living at the reform school was difficult by George (babe) Herman Ruth. For example, it says "During first days at St. Mary's Babe cried" and in the next sentence it says "He was scared and angry." It even says that he feels like he's in a prison. I found all of this information on pages 13 and 14. The author makes this point because the community realized that Babe never gave up so they should never give up.

Grade 4

By: Ashlinn T.


Title: trouble in a fur coat
By: unknown

Prompt: Create a story that tells what will most likely happen next. Use characters and setting and events from the story.

Response: Kimwa and I get out of the stream and shook water off our fur coats. "burr in cold" said Kimwa. Mother bear brought me and kimwa home. Suddenly they heard a hiss. a snake came right out of the bushes. The snake was a coral snake but it looks like a type of poisinus snake . The bears ran right into the den. Finally, they were home and the cubs snuggle close to there mother. Happy Ever After!!! The end.

Color DCS!

Click the link below to download free coloring pages that feature some familiar faces! Have your child color the page and then bring it to school to be displayed. They can turn them into Nicole Esposito in the Main Office. Now with Second and Third Grade Teachers. Have fun!

DCS Coloring Book

Attendance UPDATE

The realistic goal is to have less than 5% chronically absent, but ultimately 0%. Chronically absent is defined as being out 10% of the days in school. This data impacts our STAR rating. Currently, we are at 10% chronically absent. Currently, we are ranked #23 of all RI schools with best attendance rating. Keep up the great work!

For those who are chronically absent, Attendance Officer John Riley may visit your home to inquire about attendance.

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Battle of the Books Royal Court

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Don't forget to register for Kindergarten!

Kindergarten registration begins January 10th. Your child must be 5 years old by September 1, 2022 in order to be eligible. Go to our student registration page for more information!


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Need some help? Look no further.

Below are some resources you or someone you know may need. If you miss a resource, they will be displayed again in the future or you could reach out to the Parent Liaison, Nicole Esposito.

Rent Relief RI: This is a free program that helps renters and landlords in the state of RI.

This program will provide rental and utility relief payments to help eligible renters maintain housing stability. Contact information is below.



Free Tutors: Click the link below to enroll your older children in free tutoring for math and SAT prep. It is for students in grades 6 - 12.


United Way 2-1-1: Whether you need to find daycare for your child, get financial assistance for a utility bill, find a mental health counselor to help you in a crisis, or connect with any other kind of community service, you'll find all the answers you need by calling 2-1-1.


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Anyone Need a Library Card?

If you are interested in getting library cards, you simply need to stop by the library and fill out the application. In order to complete the application, you will need a valid photo id with current proof of address. There is also a link on our website under the "Check It Out" tab. Check out the library website by clicking here.

Ready to Learn

Kindergarten: Kindergarten is working on Construction! Each class has a challenge from Mr Morrone. How can we make DCS community a better place for children. They will brainstorm and work collaboratively to come up with one idea. Then they will each take part in building their idea to present to Mr. Morrone.

Is your child not in Kindergarten? Check the next newsletter. Every week a different grade gets a turn.

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Order Your Yearbook Today!

We've been making memories. Get your keepsake before they're gone. Click the button below to order your yearbook or go to YBPay.lifetouch.com . Use Yearbook ID Code: 6052722

Get your yearbook booster!

Yearbook boosters are a great way to congratulate your child on a successful year! Students always enjoy finding a message especially written for them in the published yearbook. This year there will be special booster pages dedicated to the fourth grade graduating class!

Please fill out this google form Yearbook Boosters with each booster you would like to include. Once you fill out the form please send money to school in an envelope marked DCS PTO Yearbook Boosters. Checks should be made payable to DCS PTO. A paper copy of this form was also sent home.

Price per booster: $4.00
Please submit yearbook boosters by Friday, March 25th. Thanks!

BOKS (Build Our Kid's Success)

The BOKS Burst Weekly Activities, found in the September Fitness Calendar, are meant to get you and your kids up and moving throughout the day. Studies show that daily movement breaks increase focus, improve mood, and have many added health benefits. Let's all get moving this week with the below bursts!

Please click here to see the March Fitness Calendar. If you click an activity on the calendar, it will bring you to a YouTube video explaining the activity.

Click here for more detailed instructions on Week Four.

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See for yourself

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Lost & Found

We have lots of items in our lost and found. If your child is missing something, tell them to go look for their missing items. If they need help, have them stop by the main office for assistance.