What to Visit Along The Nile River

By Matt Lutz

The Nile River

The Nile river is A very long river. It is the 2nd longest in the world. It is located in Africa.

Good Places to Visit.

Aswan Dam

The Aswan Dam is located in Egypt. It is on the Nile River. It produces energy from the running water. It has turbines that produce the energy. It also helps to control floods. This structure also does not have any proof that it pollutes water. Though it does decrease the amount of fish in the area.

Lake Victoria

Lake Victoria is a lake that the Nile flows into. This lake is home to many fisherman. and at most periods of the day during fishing season you will see fishing boats on it. This landmark is another example of how the Nile is home to many different types of people.

The nile was used by Egyptions. Egyptions thought that the nile sprang from an under ground lake.

The Nile River Delta

The Nile River Delta is the part of the Nile RIver that fans out into a Delta. This just shows how much the Nile changes shape as it goes. This Delta I located on the north end of Egypt.

farmland along the Nile

THe last place that you should stop while on the Nile river is some of the farmland. These farms are usually located right along the Nile. Many people use the Nile river as a resource. The Nile has helped farmers for thousands of years. Some of the Nile river even runs through cities.