10 Types of fraud/scames

Jady Arreola 3rd period

2. little girls sellying candy

Though some children are cute and you'd love to make there day some children are evil. a very cute looked over scam is children selling candy cookies and goods, you order stuff pay cash or check o whatever and the organization you write it out to may be a fake one they are still able to cash the check out with. or they just take your cash and you never see your candy or cookies. most likely this wont happen but I has.


Lots of times when fraud happens it happens to people over email. sometimes people pretend to be your bank or an organization and ask for personal info and use it for they're own benefit. best way to prevent this is to keep what you put online to a minimum when it comes to personal info. and use websites that have the lock symbol in the url box.

5. passwords and pin numbers

fraud can occur when people guess you passwords to accounts and get ahold or personal information or with pin numbers in your debit card and can use your money. to prevent this from happening memorize hard pass words and pins that people are most likely not going to guess.

7. Spyware

fraud can also be committed through spyware that people can install to your computer or laptops by hacking them and watching everything you do on our screen. pay bills, log into accounts, shop, etc. to keep this from happening always keep up with he best spyware protection software and don't click on pop ups.,

9.car sales men

to avoid being sold a car you will end up having to pay more than you thought you would always make sure he places you buy cars are legal licensed places.