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Best TV Shows that are Uniquely Presented

While TV ratings and popularity are essential merits of a good TV show, there are still other factors to consider before a TV show could be tagged as outstanding. Besides having redeeming quality, there's good acting, good actors, good production value and good writing. TV shows that bothered to have redeeming qualities have proven shows like this can win massive audience support and equally emerged as kings at the rating chart.

Games of Thrones (drama)

The plot is a simple tale of seven noble families fighting to take control of the mythical Westeros. But, the good script provides great episodes that keep audience guessing, siding and even loving great characters like that of the misfits The Night's Watch. There's abundance of good acting and good production. It's full of epic battles that don't distract the story's mood but rather the actions were able to add to the plot's message of politics amidst human’s greatest weakness (love and sex). Games of thrones since its pilot episode delivered great twists and turns, and the viewers just can't help anticipating for the next episode the whole week that makes a TV show outstanding.

Rick and Morty (comedy)

The animated comedy show tells about the adventures of a super scientist (Rick) and his not equally gifted grandson (Morty). The show is animated, family-oriented (it's from Cartoon Network that's why) packed with good laughs and redeeming message about life and everything that goes with the past, present and future of earth and beyond the realms of universe. The plot may look dumb and simple but the spinoff of each character's struggles for identity, mediocrity and love for the family make the show endearing despite its lack of continuity. Rick and Morty is a great example of shows that are not bounded by rules and yet it was able to present a wacky but redeeming script, fresh and colorful animation and originality. Rick and Morty is gunning for a new season due early part of 2015.

Bingo America (game show)

Bingo America is the successor of National Bingo Night that was aired in 2007 on ABC with Ed Sander as host. GSN acquired its right with Patrick Duffy as host. Bingo America’s unique game play makes it an outstanding game show. Home viewers can play bingo along with studio contestants with GSN web-printed bingo cards. It succeeded in bringing interaction between bingo fans at different dimension, which is live and satellite broadcasting. Bingo America also succeeded in its attempt to come out with a good alternative to real money bingo sites with a winner pocketing huge bingo prizes of $101,331 during its second season.

Television shows still continues to be a great source of entertainment and each show airing every night promises to meet that standard. But, always among the many, only few can be counted as outstanding. But for whatever reasons, as long as the fun, the value and the burning desire to see it next time are there, it's as outstanding as it is.