Facts concerning the situation

> was announced in 2007 and approved in March 2011.

> will be developed on Victorias south-east coast, near Wonthaggi.

> estimate to cost more that $3 billion; it will be the largest plant of its kind in Australia.

> The plant will be built and operated as a public-private partner ship. This means the Government will work in partnership with a company or a group of companies from the privvate sector.

> the plant takes salt water from the oceans, cleans it and makes it safe ti drink than pumps the left over salt and extras back into the sea.

Economic benefits of the project

>provide drinkable water

> up to 4750 full time equivalent jobs during construction.

> 150 full time equivalent jobs during operation.

> $i billion economic boost to victoria during construction.

> increased spending in local areas by the construction workforce.

> reconstruction of roads and parking.

enviromental concerns

> to expencive

> should have been concidered as a last resort.

>more substainable alternatives were not fully explored, which could have been more beneficial in the ong run.

>concerns about the effect of chemical and salt discharge on marine life ans wetlands.

how an economic decesion like this is made.

Due to how big this decesion is, not only one person can decide. A decesion like this would have to be a collective one, with lots of different members.

1) people involved.

>the minister of victorias, peter garrat

> communitys


the government would have had to leave time and ask comunities of their opinion.