Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig)


Early Life

Molly Pitcher was born on October 13, 1754 near Trenton New Jersey. Molly pitcher isn't her real name, her real name is Mary Ludwig. In 1798 she moved to Carlisle Pennslvania. There she worked as a domestic servant. She then met William Hays a local barber. He was also know by the first name of John. She fell in love with him and they got married on july 24, 1769.

Molly during the war

In 1775 the Revolutionary War began. Mary's husband William enlisted into the war May, 1777. Mary followed her husband to where he was assigned. During the beggining of the war. Mary helped with soliders who were hurt and sick. She also cooked and did washing. On June 28, 1778 Mary then earned the name of Molly Pitcher. It was during the Battle of Monmouth. She prefromed the act of heroism by Mary trudged back and forth from a near by spring bringing water to soliders on the battlefield. On one of her trips Mary saw that her husband had collasped next to his cannon. Mary then took the place of husband and started firing the cannon until victory was achieved.

Molly after the war

Her act during the war earned her the seargants commisision. After the death of her husband she remarried a veteren named John McCauley. After the war she was known by Molly Pitcher and went by the name of Molly Pitcher. They setteled in Carlisle where Mary went to work as a domestic in the State Housen. In 1822 the legislature of Pennslyvania awarded Mary a sum of fortey dollars and an annual commision of the same amount during her lifetime. On January 22, 1852 Molly Pitcher (Mary Ludwig) passed away. She was buried in Carlisle Cemetery with military honors.
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