Parties, The New Norm.


Lately there has been parties going on everywhere you go. People lately have been partying now more than ever. The new lifestyle of the young people in Long Island has changed drastically over the years. All they want to do for entertainment is go out and party. These parties end up having risky actives such as smoking and drinking. These activities are usually practiced by men, but lately the women have been more active in these activities. Women dress up very boldly and go out to parties almost every night. The boldness of the young generation of the 1920`s is growing rapidly. People go out almost every night just to have a good time and hang out with friends and meet new people.

Biggest Party Of The Year

Party After Party

August 1, 1920 Jay Gatsby hosted a grand party, yet again, at his mansion in West Egg, Long Island. There were people of all kinds. Including a particular crowd that showed up in skirts with their hemlines reaching to only their knees, heels, and make-up on their faces. Gatsby`s parties always bring in the biggest variety of people. Women everywhere in their dresses, smoking and drinking, laughing joyfully, and doing things that would not be considered activities for women. Gatsby of course did not know any of his house guests. Rumor has it that he puts on these parites to show off for Daisy Buchanan, his lover from five years ago. Parties at Gatsby`s mansion is now a weekly-daily occurance. People from all over come to have a good time.