Workplace Relationships

Workplace Co-op Module 3 Review

Communication Skills

communication can be sent verbally,written, typed on a electronic or nonverbally.

Verbal communication

  • Think before you speak
  • Don't use slang terms or offensive words
  • Make easy for the receiver to understand
  • Know when to speak and not to speak

Written or Electronicly typed communcation

  • Use good vocabulary
  • Make your message clear
  • Delete unnecessary words
  • Correct grammer and punctuation
  • Use correct format
  • Include persons name in the message
  • Brief and to the point

Non-Verbal communication

  • Use all of the five sences
  • good body language
  • Eye contact
  • Head nods and hand gestures
  • Facial expressions
  • Personal space
  • scilence

listening and giving good feedback in your response is also important in communication.

Accountability and Workplace Relationships

Personal Accountability

  • Positive attitude
  • Do your part
  • Take responsibility for actions
  • Be on time
  • Give it your all
  • Dont steal company time
  • Don't abuse privlidges
  • Don't wait for someone to give you a task to do

Workplace Relationships

  • Not perferred and sometimes not allowed
  • Unfair to other employees
  • Conflict at the workplace
  • Favoritism
  • PDA
  • Keep pofessional
  • Less work gets completed
  • Create positive relationships with co-workers

I have lots of positive relationship with my co-workers which is beneficial when I need help or for motivation. Another great thing about having good relationships with the people I work with it makes work more fun.

Teamwork, Motivation, and leadership


  • There is a difference between a team and a group

Five different stages of team development

  1. Forming stage
  2. Storming stage
  3. Norming stage
  4. Performing stage
  5. Adjourning stage
  • Be a team players
  • Take constructive criticism
  • Learn from others ideas
  • Share at appropriate times
  • Look at everyone equal even if you don't care for someone
  • Organization
  • Team player
  • No "I" in team
  • Participate
  • Set goals
  • Be on time and turn in work on time


-An internal drive that causes people to behave a certain way to meet a need.

  • Motivate each other
  • Tell someone when there doing a good job
  • Positive attitude coming into it
  • Have goal set and in mind set

Maslow in the workplace

  1. Self actualization
  2. Esteem
  3. Social
  4. Safety
  5. Physiological
  • workplace relationship
  • Higher goals
  • Thrive off others energy in the workplace


-A person that helps guide others to a specific goal.

  • Trust is a big factor in this
  • Motivate others

Types of leaders

  1. Autocratic leaders
  2. Democratic leaders
  3. Laissez- faire leaders
  • Help complete common goal
  • Manager or Boss
  • Responsible
  • Successful
  • Teaching others of your knowledge
  • Don't be to pushy
  • Takes time to become a leader
  • Put your input in the conversations

This happens in my workplace when moving up positions and helping other when they are struggling with a task I already have done.

Conflict and Negotiation

- Disagreement or tension between two or more parties.

  • Control your reaction
  • Stay calm
  • Try to wait tell the right time to talk
  • Look at both side of the disagreement
  • Make sure your statement is understood by parties
  • Offer a agreement
  • Come to a solution everyone agrees with
  • Don't get emotional
  • Keep anger in control
  • Don't offend other party members
  • Several alternatives
  • Keep confidential
  • Document everything that happens
  • Seek help if not settled

Happens at my workplace when deciding what tasks people have that day or when asked others people work. Another time in happens in the work place is when someone isn't doing there part and falling behind.

Thank you!