Carson Wersal 10/14/16 Health-6

Autism, a world from a different perspective


Autism is a mental disease where the child is socially irresponsive and is troubled with words at a young age.

Causes and Treatments

Some causes of this disease are ASD. ASD is commonly seen with developmental delays (a condition that slows a person's learning and development).


Symptoms can include late first words, socially irresponsiveness, and trouble with acting or playing with kids or others

Age/Gender Tendencies

Autism tends to affect younger kids more than adults because children are born with it or develop it at a very young age


One of the most well known people with Autism is Temple Grandin. “The thing about being autistic is that you gradually get less and less autistic, because you keep learning, you keep learning how to behave. It’s like being in a play; I’m always in a play.” – Temple Grandin.