Las Vegas

The town of the night life

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Currency Las Vegas

The currency in Las Vegas is the dollar ($). In all the states of America is dollar the currency. 1 dollar is in the Netherlands 0,88 euro.
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Famous people who born in Las Vegas

Abby Dalton (1935), actress

Charles Wright (1961), wrestler

Jenna Jameson (1974), pornstar

Alex Candelario (1975), cyclist

Kurt Busch (1978), racing driver

Rodney Martin (1982), runner

Rules on the road Las Vegas

-In most states a helmet is not required on the engine, provided you are over a certain age.

-in the built-up areas: 25-40 mph (40-64 km/h)
-outsite the built up areas: 40-70 mph (64-112 km/h)
-highways: 55-75 mph (88-120 km/h)

-In many states motorcyclists must at all times have the lighting.

-Honking must only if there is an immediate danger

Las Vegas DRONE (Out of Hotel Room) DJI Phantom 3 4K

Film location

Ocean's Eleven is one of the most famous movies in Las Vegas. The movie is filmed in Las Vegas in Bellagio Casino & Hotel


The built of the Hoover Dam near Las Vegas is in the 30's Las Vegas what it is. The thousand workers who were working on the dam over the weekend to find their pleasure in (what was then) small town of Las Vegas. Bars, casinos and brothels thereby doing good business.
Since then, Las Vegas has become a city that attracts millions of tourists and conventioneers.
Incidentally is Las Vegas since 1931 even the divorce agency of the USA Those who stay six weeks, simply can simply divorce in Las Vegas.
What is even more important for the economy in Las Vegas outside of the large amounts of casinos, livestock and mining (manganese and lime).

Since 1905, Las Vegas is surrounded by a railroad.

About the early history of Las Vegas, read the next chapter.