From Ms. Jeanne and the Whip-a-na-nas

Yes, that's right - The Whip-A-NA-NAs!

We just love dancing and thanks to Mr. Mullen and the Physical Education team, we've been learning some fun dance moves. Our favorites are the cupid shuffle and the whip-a-na-na.


We've been using Lego Simple Machines Kits. We solve problems, build models, test ideas, create and test experiments, draw designs and build them. We've made seesaws, race cars, ramps of all kinds for our cars, car race games, and spinning tops. We love experiments and have been researching different kinds of experiments online.

We've been trying to make tornados in bottles - not successfully, when Maddox brought in a Fabulous purple glitter tornado, on Monday, that he made at home with his parents! We loved it! Now he's thinking about a double tornado!

On Wednesday, Quentin brought in a rubber egg experiment, that he made at home! We loved that too. Now we are trying to make our own in the classroom. Quentin told us about the "Walking water experiment" so we looked that up online. Here's the link: We are hoping to begin the walking water experiment next week.

All students are welcome to bring experiments that are made at home to school to share! We love these ideas and this is a perfect time of year, when our students can cooperatively work together, and are beginning to read and write about their ideas.

Youtube has a lot of really good science ideas. Two ideas we will try in the near future will involve treasure maps and lava lamps! I am hoping to encourage the love of learning with science, writing, math and reading and online research! Wow! In Kindergarten! This is soooo Cool!

Sight words and Ball Word Champions

There are 48 words to learn in kindergarten. We started the year with the Ball word program. It helps our students learn the words a few at a time and earn Ball word certificates and class recognition for their success. The first set of Baseball words has 20 words. The 2nd set of Soccer words has 12 words. The 3rd set of Football words has 14 words. Students finish the kindergarten words and move into First Grade words when they are working on the Volleyball and Basketball words.

The average kindergarten students knows more than 30 words at this time in May.

I am sending home copies of the Baseball, Soccer, Football and Volleyball word lists. Please practice every day - especially if your child is struggling to learn all of the Baseball and Soccer words. First Grade students have 200 words to learn. Helping your student to learn the first 50 will ensure a wonderful start to first grade. It's a joy to see self-confidence grow when a student knows how to read! The joy on their faces lights up the classroom.

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