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Remembering Pearl Harbor - 2015

Pearl harbor

Dec. 7 1941

Japanese fighter planes attack American naval base at Honolulu, Hawaii; destroying vessels, battleships, equipments, airplanes, and more than 2000 Americans. This surprise attack provokes president Franklin D. Roosevelt's immediate action to declare war on Japan.

bataan death march

Japan invades Philippines and takes over the capital within months forcing Filipino and American soldiers to migrate to the Bataan Peninsula. Due to the detachment from supplies, the soldiers had no choice but to surrender to the Japanese.

The soldiers were forced to march 65 miles under cruel and unusual punishment from their captors.

Two-Pronged Attack

---advancing from separate locations towards a common goal of isolating the enemy

Battle of MIDWAY june, 3,1942

General MacArthur moved northwest along the New Guinea coast while Admiral Nimitz crossed the central pacific by hopping to Gilbert, Marshall, Caroline, and Mariana Islands.

ISland hopping

---placing enemy in close range by advancing from island to island

IWO JIMA feb.19, 1945

The capturing of Tinian, and Guam in the Marianas islands ment the next key island is Iwo Jima. With this advancement, bases such as B-29 could be placed for possible air attacks against surrounding islands and force the Japanese to operate at Okinawa. Carrier based planes and bombers were relentlessly used to avoid giving the japanese a chance to defend.

OKINAWA april, 1,1945

Operation ICEBERG became the bloodiest invasion.

Phase 1-move towards eastern coast

Phase 2-clear northern part of island

Phase 3-occupy outlying islands

Phase 4-main battle

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The first American volunteer group (AVG) that flew for the Chinese air force. They fought against the japanese with leadership from Colonel Claire Chennault.

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EUropean/african front


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Closing the ring

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---closing in on hitler from three sides by attacking german cities and blocking german supplies

INVASION OF NORMANDY "Operation Overlord" (D-Day)


1st-lead by Omar Bradley

2nd-lead by Miles Dempsey

3rd-lead by Dwight Eisenhower

With leadership from General Dwight Eisenhower, American troops, vehicles, and equipment landed on Normandy. Advancement to the Seine river, liberation of Paris, and the removal of German troops followed.


The Germans created a bulge surrounding the Ardennes forest to push the Allied powers defense to northwestern Belgium. Lieutenant General George Patton lead a crucial victory by commanding the 3rd army to the town of Bastogne and eventually defeating the Germans.

Fall of berlin

The allied powers had successfully gained Italy, Normandy, Paris therefore France,Netherlands, Belgium, and Holland and victory in the Battle of Bulge. Only Berlin was remaining.

U.S.S.R. broke German defenses and declaring victory over Germany by capturing the Reichstag building.

Germany surrendered to Soviet General Chuikov with a white flag.

Hitler planned his escape by having already built an underground bunker and preparing to poison his family and himself.

victory in europe day

Germany surrenders on May 7th 1945 and made effective May 8th
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U.S. Chief of Staff

Increased size of army

Helped plan "Operation Overlord"

President Truman's Secretary of State

Navajo code talkers

Navajo native americans recruited to operate as translators/communication system.
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Tuskegee airmen

African-American air pilots (bombers). Segregation due to Jim Crow laws were still present and divided troops into sections by race.
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