It's Ready To be Unleashed!

Revolutionary New Mobile Blogging Platform Launches

Breaking News! The Blog is Beast is about to be unleashed!

The Empower Network New Env2 Blogging Platform is launching 10-11-13. With over 3 Million Dollars invested,this s a revolutionary new blogging platform designed for today's world. This new platform has been designed as a multi-lingual system that anyone will be able to translate. Support staff trained in those languages around the world will be available to assist the blogging customer with any technical questions about their blog.

Encompassing Real life time interaction with your team in the Empower Network, along with your readers and followers of your blog this is a truly engaging and interactive Social Media Site and Blogging Platform rolled into one! Connect through your very own up to the minute built in social media news feed.

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Features Never Before Seen in a Blogging Platform

The new state of the art blogging platform will have many features integrated into it that are currently unavailable on any other blogging platform. Perhaps one of the most exciting will be the mobile platform available for both Apple and Android Tablets and phones. Now you can truly take your home business anywhere you are, making this a very exciting!
Another amazing feature will be the auto upload of video to your blog. Literally within minutes of recording from your mobile device your video will be LIVE on your published blog and seen all over the globe with the Empower Network New Env2 Blogging Platform.

Empower Network Env2 New Blogging Platform In Action

See The site in Action as it is unveiled at the Empower Network Denver Event in front of 6000 bloggers. Go to minute 20 to see the Empower Network New Env2 Blogging platform in action!

Empower Network Env2 New Blogging platform