Lv technology

Nick Bellisle

Typing Web

  1. It helps in the future to know how to type fast,easy,and correctly .
  2. A second thing that it helps with learning how to type it how to make a modern and correct document and email , file .
  3. Most jobs use computers and expect you to be well experienced to do almost every thing
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Hour Of Code

  1. Hour of code is very helpful if you want to or need to learn how to do that kind of stuff.
  2. Its a way you can enjoy doing beacuse tiit puts fun actividys on itand games. enjoy doing have fun and get all there learning in.
  3. I think it helped me a lot doing that because it was fun.


  • Itrailer helped me to kind of understand making a trailer is fun and very helpful in that field of training.
  • It is very educated and did help me and many others but also help the teachers know are skills .
  • Also it can let people show of there creativeness and person there are .
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Career Locker

  • Career locker helps you see what you want to be and what you enjoy doing .
  • One other thing that it helps you with is that it shows a way for you to enjoy it and kind of want to learn and want to have a future!! And that is big because many other sights and other thing don't .
  • It is a way to help you in there future and going to your future.

Explain Every thing

  1. It is sight that helps you with learning how to make a little fun presentation our learning utensil. and enjoy dong it because it puts in fun little things to use on it .
  2. one other thing is that it it gives you atone of coloors any you want it also gives you a veridy of thimgs tha tpeople like and you

Email Etiquette

  1. Helps you learn how to send an Efficient email .
  2. It helps you with not making mistakes when you send an email to someone.