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Summer Smore ~ June 12th, 2013

Greetings Teachers,

We have lots of information for you this week! Please review and as always, let your DC know if you have questions. Have a great week!

Enjoy this familiar song! Feel free to sing along as you read.


Georgia On My Mind | Ray Charles by concordmusicgroup

Summer PLS

Thursday, Jun 20th, 8am to Friday, Jun 21st, 5pm

300 North Thomas Street

Athens, GA

Join us for the Summer PLS in Athens, GA!

Check out updates in the Summer PLS Edmodo Group: 7bg7ws.

This Edmodo group has PLS schedule, directions to Classic Center, etc.

Anyone with dietary restrictions please email Jane O'Brien at jobrien@doe.k12.ga.us by Friday to accommodate at the PLS.

More PLS Information

The 2013 Summer Professional Learning Symposium is next week, and Teacher Quality is working diligently to create a dynamic, engaging, and generally fun experience for all.

A couple of reminders:

  • Please ensure that all have downloaded the Wham City Lights App for your mobile device. It is free, and it will be cool.
  • Dress for the PLS is business casual for Thursday, June 20th. Please note, we are having outside visitors as well on Thursday, and we will take team and department photos as well.
  • Dress for Friday is business casual, and KSU Human Resources and Shmoop will be in attendance.
  • We encourage all to use the sched.org to select the sessions. Just download via your mobile device using the following: georgiavirtuallearningsummer2013.sched.org/mobile.
  • Questions regarding the PLS should be directed to Jane O'Brien, at jobrien@doe.k12.ga.us

D2L Navigation Help Sessions

Please remind students about these sessions.

Join us on Adobe Connect to learn how to navigate your summer course. We will be discussing everything you need to know about your course. This will be your chance to ask questions. We have some new and exciting things to share. The dates/times for summer D2L Help sessions are listed below. All sessions will be recorded for students who are unable to attend a live session. The links to the recordings will be posted in this announcement after each live session.


June 13 - 7PM

Enter the meeting as a Guest.

Type your first and last name.

Session Link: Navigate Your GaVS Course

Teacher Reminders

Check registration & rolls daily.

•Document Welcome Calls in communication log

•Update parent information in registration – See videos at My Home

•Teachers must hold TWO synchronous sessions per week - post recording links

•Update News announcements daily

· Contact parent the day student is failing.

· Be sure IEP and 504 accommodations are being met.

Update Grades

  • Enter zero grades daily to provide students with an accurate report of progress.
  • Apply Summer late work policy.

1 day late = 25% off
2 days late = 50% off
3 days late = zero credit

**Load gradebook after grading from discussions, quizzes and dropbox to update grade. This will ensure that exported grade files and SchoolCast reports are correct.

· Do not recalculate grades in grade book until end of summer semester. Pre-Final Average should be blank. The final calculated grade is correct as long as gradebook is updated.

Send course updates weekly and bcc: courseupdates@gavirtualschool.org.

***Be sure to click eyeballs in Gradebook to release grades for all students.


Group Enrollments

All students should be in groups now. Be sure to check and make sure that all "users" are in groups.

Dropbox Receipts

  • These are currently being sent to student’s D2L email inbox.
  • IT team will be looking into why they are not going to the student’s gmail accounts.
  • In the meantime, if there is an issue, you can impersonate a student to determine if dropbox receipts are in the student’s inbox.

Special Needs Accommodations

SpEd students have a standing 2 day extension. Work is due by midnight of 2nd day.

i.e. Work done on Tuesday due no later than Thursday midnight.

Advising Course Changes ~ Policy Note

Advising Course Changes

Teachers should not advise parents, students, or facilitators about which courses to take or not take. Our program does not have all of the necessary information to make these determinations. It is ultimately a local decision in many cases. If a teacher is asked to give advice in this area, the teacher should refer that person to the Department Chair.

There are some times when students will need a course enrollment change. Once the semester has started, if you become concerned about the placement of a student, contact your Department Chair. Teachers should not suggest that a student change courses or semesters. If a student, parent, or facilitator requests this sort of move from an instructor, the instructor should direct the person to the Department Chair.

Google Mail and Passwords

Teacher Passwords ~ Please Note:

•Teacher passwords must be 8 characters long.

•If a teacher’s SIS password is not 8 characters long, teachers can change SIS password by going into the old SIS and edit profile.

•Teacher will need to use the link located on Teacher Bulletin Board to change their Google password.

•New SIS and Old SIS will not sync passwords. If password is changed in the old SIS, it will not update the new SIS password.

•Teachers have no functionality in New SIS.

Student Passwords ~ Please Note:

•Student passwords must be 8 characters long.

•If a student has to change their password, wait 30 minutes before attempting to link Google account.

•If there are student issues, teachers should remind students to log out of any Google account. Remember that parents might be logged into their account so it could be interfering.

Google Edmodo Group

•Please ensure that teachers follow the Google Edmodo group. Post all questions concerning Google in Edmodo.

•Group code: s15qwa

Just Say "No" to Early Finals

· Teachers should never offer an early exam without permission from your Department Chair. If a student has demonstrated that he/she has mastered the material or the teacher feels the student is ready for the exam earlier than the scheduled exam days, the teacher may allow him/her to take the final exam. In these cases, the student will have only one attempt at the final exam and will not be allowed to “retake” it at the scheduled date, the teacher should provide clear guidance in writing to the student, parent, and facilitator regarding availability of the exam and also enter this information in the communication log for this student. Let the department chair know of the plan for early exam release.

Student Handbook ~ Finals

· Summer semester students may not take final exams early. Students can select either the 5 or 6 week schedule to accommodate for camps and vacations, but exams must be taken on the scheduled date.

· Each course will either have a final exam or a state required End of Course Test worth 15% or 20% of your final course grade. The weight of the final is selected by the facilitator based on local district policies. Final exams will be taken online. Your school or GA Virtual instructor will notify you of proctoring requirements, if any.

· Students enrolled in a Georgia Virtual School course are responsible for taking any standardized tests associated with their online courses. These tests may include Advanced Placement exams or End of Course Tests (EOCT).

Summer End of Course Test Information


Registration Deadline-June 18, 2013

EOCT Test Date-Tuesday, July 9, 2013


HOME SCHOOL, PRIVATE SCHOOL, PUBLIC SCHOOL STUDENTS, who are currently enrolled in the AB or B sections of a GaVS course, which by the state of Georgia, requires an End of Course Test (EOCT) MUST complete the registration survey. If you do not complete the survey you will not be registered for the summer, July 9, test date.

Click EOCT COURSE INFORMATION to view list of EOCT courses and information regarding NEWtesting site locations.

Vote for Matthew!

Matthew is one of our very own Broadcasting students who entered a contest with Samsung.

Matthew Pryor as Isaac Newton was chosen to be one of the top 10 finalists. To win, he needs votes.

Voting ends June 16th, so please vote as soon as possible. Thank you all for your support!

Please click on the following link to vote for his video:


Prepare for the PLS

Here's your warmup:

In the spirit of professional development, here are some entertaining videos to remind you of all the ways we can apply Bloom's Taxonomy!

Bloom's Taxonomy according to Andy Griffith
Blooms Taxonomy According to Pirates of the Caribb