The Life of A Perch

Perch Dissection Mitcham-PreAp Bio-2nd


Learn from the dissection of the perch. Observe the placement of organs and their functions.


Perch is a common name for fish of the genus Perca. Perch mainly live in freshwater but some live in saltwater like the Saltwater Red Drum. Perch are carnivorous fish that are mostly found in small ponds, lakes, streams, or rivers. These fish feed on smaller fish, shellfish, or insect larvae, but can be caught with nearly any bait. They commonly spawn during the spring, when the females lay strings of eggs in covered areas such as near branches or underwater plants. Even though Perch can be found all over the world, they are most likely found in the Great Lakes, particularly in Lake Erie. Perch grow to around 5 lb or more, but the most common fish to be caught are around 1 lb.

Perch Life

Perch Dissection

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Want A glimpse of the Lab?~ Virtual Dissection

Circulatory System

Perch have closed loop circulatory system and the heart pumps blood in a single loop throughout the body. Blood flows through the veins and reaches the atrium(a large muscular chamber). Blood is then sent to the ventricle and from then to the aorta, through which blood flows to the gills for oxygenation.
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Interesting facts about Perch

-There are over 6000 species of Perch

-The colors of the fish vary in the Breed and are named for example yellow perch or silver perch

-They have a muddy color; a camouflage

-Perch fish spawning season is between April and May


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