Coke Makes You Skinny

New research suggests we should drink more Coke

You want to be fit?

New research suggests that people who drink Coke regularly at a young age will end up having a super model body when they are middle aged. They will have a high endurance and be 3x stronger than average! Over time, they will aggregate the goodness that makes them slimmer. How else do you think all these actors look so good for their age? The researchers who found this out have become a pantheon because of their great break through.


This ad is a lie because every one knows that Coke is very unhealthy for you and real research has been done to prove its harmful qualities when you drink it in excess. People who believe in the philosophy about truth that states that you should always tell the truth no matter how it makes people feel would not like this flyer at all. This flyer is telling a blatant lie that everyone knows to be incorrect. Also, this flyer could have been made to make people feel better about what they are drinking if they are already obese. The other philosophy would probably like this flyer especially if it is meant to make someone els feel better. They may not like that this is a blatant lie but they would not be as against it as people who believe in the other philosophy would.