Tin Foil Boat Challenge

By: Andrea Martinez, Karen Galvan, Gabriella Cortez

Challenge Details

Challenge: Create a boat made from a .3m x .5m piece of alluminum foil that can hold the most marble. The boat must float unassited in the water carrying/holding the marbles.


* 1 piece of standard aluminum foil measuring .3m x .5m (a new piece may be used each time)

* container to hold water

* Glass Marbles ( regular size)

Students will also need to prepare a short presentation about their project.


*separate foil in 2 pieces and create a 2 layer boat

*sturdy boat base

*spread out weight

*not clumped


*allow water to lift strongest in the middle


The independent variable was our boat and was a quantative Our design had a dent in the middle to possibly help lif the boat by using the water in a more supporting way. Our dependent variable was the quantity of marbles that our design could hold. This variable was a qualitative variable.


My prediction was that using water to better help our boat float, we could hold minimum 50 marbles. Another inference was that the thicker, the more marbles our boat would be able to hold.

We did some reasearch by looking at previous Tin Foil Boat expirements and seeing what worked best for them.

Creating Our Tinfoil Boat

Final Count was 58 Marbles

Results and Conclusion

Although I havent compared our results to other group's models, we did better than expected. Our borders should have definitely been taller to prevent leaking. However, I feel like our dent did help with our boat's floatation. A sturdy outline will definitely improve the sustainability of our boat.
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