The Crazy Computing of Today

Can you imagine what the world was like before computers?

The world behind the web

Can you think what life would be like without the internet?

In this leaflet you can find out more about:

  • LAN,WAN and MAN.
  • The history behind computers.
  • What is the internet?
If you want to find out more about the digital world then make sure you read on.

What is a LAN,WAN and MAN?

Firstly you are probably wondering what WAN,LAN and MAN stand for. LAN stands for local area network. WAN stands for wide area network. MAN stands for metropolitan network.

The difference between the internet and a LAN is that the internet is a worldwide thing and is not private so anyone with an internet service can access it. That is a wan. A lan is private and is normally protected by a password so that only some people can access a network.

2 examples of a LAN are: one branch of new look, a school.

The history behind computers.

The computer was invented by Charles Babbage.