Bailey Shue

Eat & Sleep

What I did yesterday

well I was outside for about 4 hours and playing basketball and after I went inside to get something to drink and then toke a nap for the rest of the day till like 8:00 yesterday so that was what I did yesterday.

Something I do well

I love to work on cars with my dad my dads car has been broke for about 2 months but we are buying parts for it to be fixed so he can start back going to work so I am working on his car with him.
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Something about my childhood

Well I did not live here as a child but moved here when I was 5 i moved here from Mississippi and then we have thought of moving back but we have not done it in till I get out of school.
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Something I Learned last week

I learned that sleep is the best thing in the world because it is the only thing I wanna do besides eat and I wanna sleep all the time after i get done eating and then I sleep and then more sleep.
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Something I cant live without

WIFI I can not live without wifi is life I don't know what i would do without wifi and if i did not have wifi I don't think I would life I mean wifi without nothing will really work without wifi
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Something I love to watch

I love to watch The Walking Dead that is my fav tv show and more tv shows like Zombie movies and tv ect and Funny movies are the main things I really watch so I mean that is really what i watch
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