Sunday, January 12th 2014

This Week in Waumba Land

"Those who...belong to him, must live just as Jesus did"

The Scoop

  • Who is out this Sunday? Also, can you update the Google Doc with your January availability. Click HERE This would be really helpful for Wendy while I'm out the next two weeks.
  • Prayer in room 214 at 3:45
  • Birthday and New enroll cards please return this week.
  • January 24 & 25 - Join a community group click HERE for more information
  • ASK IT - Stay tuned for another great message as the series continues this week.


Hello everyone. I hope you guys are having a great week. It's been an eventful one for the Thorpe's. Like thousands in the metro area, we had a busted pipe and a wet surprise when I got home on Wednesday afternoon. Isaac thought it was pretty awesome and sloshed and splashed around as if he had stumbled upon an indoor waterpark. Noah on the other hand decided that wet socks and pant legs weren't really his gig. We were grateful to see the plumber bright and early Thursday morning and the water extracting team today. It smells a little bit like a wet dog in our house but for the most part we are back in business. Woohoo!

So after last week, which by the way I am declaring National Bring-Your-Crawler-To-Church Day, I'm not too sure what to expect this week. Thank you all for being flexible last week and handling baby after baby after baby after baby with love, grace and a great attitude. You guys ROCK and you definitely earned your free dinner! Deb, we are so glad that you will be back this week and hope you enjoyed your mini vacation.

This week I show that Bob, Angie, Arlene and Kris are out. Please let me know as soon as you can if you plan to be out this week. Also just a reminder that I will be out for the next two Sundays.

I hope you enjoy your weekend and I look forward to seeing all of you on Sunday!


Pray Together

I fly to East Asia on Tuesday and embark on my 12 day trip with globalx. I'd love if you could pray specifically for a few things:

Safe travels and that everyone on my team would stay healthy, that things will go well for my family at home, that the orphanage workers will have a restful vacation while we are there taking care of the babies, for miracles to happen on behalf of the sweet little ones (many of the babies are in a very fragile state and are very sick).

How can we pray for you?

Need to get in touch with me?

Lindsey Thorpe