New Nuclear Fusion Press Release

Deatils on the lab who found out how to use nuclear fusion

Welcome to the Lab

Our lab company HHE based in Milwaukee, Wisconsin has decided to release details this February of 2024 on our latest and greatest project- efficient nuclear fusion energy. We're hoping to put into play in next year, so get ready for 2025! HHE was started about a decade ago and has been working on using different types of energy, primarily solar power and nuclear fusion. Our new method of creating energy through nuclear fusion depends on very high heats- 100 million degrees Celsius. We used high amounts of compression to take out a lot of the heat needed. Still it needed to be immensely hot- for that reason, we have man made islands that we will place the nuclear fusion factories on so that civilians are safe.

How does Nuclear Fusion Work?

Nuclear fusion vis-a-vis to nuclear fission is the exact opposite. Nuclear fission splits large radioactive elements apart, creating hectic uncontrollable chain reactions, energy, and radioactive waste. Nuclear fusion on the other hand is a dream energy. It combines smaller elements to make bigger elements, which creates a lot of energy. What's so good about nuclear fusion is that there is no radioactive waste or meltdowns due to reactions.

A Natural Nucler Fusion Factory

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Safety Concerns of Nuclear Fusion

There aren't many safety concerns of nuclear fusion. Nuclear fusion does not have chain reactions, so nuclear fusion plants can't really have meltdowns. If we put the factories on man made islands, the factories could be kept at the high heats that they need for fusion to occur. This means that people cannot live too close to the factories out of fear of the very high heat.

Looking at the Future

The use of unlimited nuclear fusion is going to cause a wide range of drastic changes globally. Electricity bills are going to be a lot cheaper and will get even cheaper. This is because while creating the nuclear fusion islands is a very expensive venture, once we build them we won't need to do a lot of mining or building. They will pay themselves off quickly and that will pay off for you even quicker.
Nuclear fusion will also impact the economy in a huge way- coal and natural gas as well as other runner ups will not be needed for electricity. Even renewable energies could become obsolete to nuclear fusion.
What a world without current energy limitations is anyone's guess. What matters is who's using that energy. Unlimited nuclear fusion energy can allow the world to become a greener, more advanced place. Unlimited clean energy also means less air production in the energy industry.
As you can see, a world with nuclear fusion is going to be a lot different. It's going to be a lot greener, efficient, and full of unlimited potential. We're glad that we can be there to guide you through this new age and help make nuclear fusion a good decision.

Current Global Conventional Energy Sources

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