Law Research Project

Lainey Braun

Positions Within a Law Firm

Lead Attorney
- usually a partner in the law firm
-responsible for all problems and situations within the firm
-final decision maker "boss"

Associate Lawyer
-less experienced than lead attorney but trying to work their way up to firm partner position
-face to face lawyer

-not a licensed attorney
-does all the behind the scenes detailed work (hunting down witnesses, filing information and putting together claims)

Law Clerk

-usually a law school student
-legal research
-spends a lot of time in the library

Lawyer Interaction with Client

- Lawyers are forced to stick to the law and legal system while doing their best to be a personable representative to their client. Lawyers must remain calm while still being firm when representing their client plea.

Patent Attorneys

*Counsel inventors, investors, and companies in patent laws
* Prepare patent applications and present them to the appropriate federal authorities
* Prosecute or defend individuals and industries in patent infringement cases
* Research cases by interviewing victims, witnesses, and people accused of the crime
* Gather evidence and prepare their case
* Conduct the court case and summarize it to the jury.