IQuest Programming begins Feb. 1st

Weekend Robotics, Python and Java Coding

New Language of the 21st Century: Programming

Our Java, Python and Robotics classes are 6 weeks long and will teach students a variety of tech skills required for life beyond the classroom. To see the dates and times, click on the registration button below.

Why Should Students Learn Programming?

Programming is a basic literacy. Today’s kids live in a very different world than their parents did as children. Knowing how to program helps kids understand and tinker with the world that they are living in.

It’s a way to create change. In order to bring innovation and change about they need to learn how to code. Up until a few decades ago, people spread ideas through the written word. If you had the ability to write, you had the ability to create change. We want our kids to be able to make and change things, and to make things happen. They should be active participants in the global economy, not passive consumers.

Enables ideas into life. What separates those who simply have an idea and those who make their ideas a reality is simple: the ability to code. Do you want your child to be a thinker and innovator who can turn his or her ideas into reality? If so, encourage them to learn how to program.

Programming isn't that hard to learn. In fact, it can be a straightforward process. You receive immediate feedback. Learning how to program is like learning any other language. The difference, of course, is that programming can be much more powerful. With just a computer, kids can use the skills they learn to build something that might change the world.

In today’s culture, to know how to program is to understand, to build, and to change. All major thought leaders — from President Obama to Bill Gates to Elon Musk to Mark Zuckerberg — agree. For the leaders of tomorrow, there is perhaps no skill as important as learning to program. So if your kids aren’t learning how to program, now’s the time to start.

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