About me:

Hi, my name is Karina Mejia, I'm in eight grade student at Clear Creek Intermediate. I used to go to League City Intermediate and I just moved to this school on September 5, 2013. I've moved a lot and i actually don't like it because i miss my old friends. I'm 14 years old and about to be 15 in 6 months and 7 days! I have 1 older sister and my mom and dad which they're not together but somewhat they like to play that game "Pretend we're a happy family".

High School:

Next year i'm going to be aninth grader but I don't even know what school i'm going to. I might go to Clear Horizon if i pass the test, and if not I'm probably going to Clear Brook or Clear Creek High School. My electives are gonna be Theatre Arts, German 1 and probably that Medical thing or Gym i'm still thinking. Next year I also want to be in sports even tough I don't like playing for the school because it's not the same like outside school, but I really like playing sports so i'm going to do them. The sports i'm playing are going to be Tennis, Cross Country and Soccer. I might play Basketball I don't know because- I mean like i said it's different to play for the school. I also would like to do wrestling but i'll break my neck.


Okay, so I don't wanna waste time - what I want to do is take classes for my future job. I want to be an Optometrist so therefore i want to get classes that will help me lead to that and be a great eye doctor. (: