Blanchard HS Band

May 2016 Newsletter

The sprint to the finish line!

With the school board deciding to cancel the last 3 days of school, LOTS of things have been adjusted. Please read this carefully to avoid any confusion and frustration! On the calendar, items in bold are changed dates.

Calendar of Upcoming Events (always available on Charms!)

  • May 4th, Drumline auditions; 3:30pm
  • May 7th, Band Banquet @First United Methodist Church; 6:30pm (RSVP required)
  • May 8th, No school
  • May 12th, HS Spring Concert @Catlett Music Center, Univ. of Oklahoma; 7:00pm
  • May 12th, Last day of school!
  • May 16th & 17th, Band Spring Training Days; 9:00am-3:00pm
  • May 16th, Graduation
  • May17th, NYC rehearsal; 3:30-5:30pm
  • May 18th, Last day of school
  • May 24th, NYC rehearsal; 3:30-5:30pm
  • May 26th-29th, Trip to NYC!!!!
  • July 25th-29th, Summer Band; 2:00pm-10:00pm
  • August 1st-5th, Summer Band; 2:00pm-10:00pm
  • August 8th, Evening rehearsal; 6:30-9:00pm
  • August 9th, Evening rehearsal; 6:30-8:00pm
  • August 9th, Parent Performance; 8:00pm
  • August 11th, First day of school!

Check Charms to make sure your student's account is in good financial standing. If your student checked out breakfast tickets or coupon books and haven't sold them or turned them in, there is a negative charge to the account.

Summer Band Information - Important!

It's already time to look forward to next year! Spring training and summer band are required (dates on the calendar above) if students want a guaranteed spot in the field show. Each student absence will be dealt with on an individual basis. The sooner we know of any absences, the better we can prepare and try and juggle them, so please check your calendar and let us know ASAP of any issues. From here on out, avoid scheduling anything for your student on spring and summer band dates.

If a student has to miss 4 or more days of summer band for any reason, he/she will automatically be made an alternate.

The schedule will be the same as last year, with times running from 2:00pm-10:00pm with a dinner break from 5:30-6:30pm.

NYC is this month!

All trips should be paid in full at this time unless you are waiting on the final concessions. Concessions money will be in your student's Charms account next week. At that time, please plan on paying the remainder due in full.

NYC Walking - time to move it, move it!

It's almost time! Make sure you're getting up and moving so your trip is filled with pleasant memories, not painful ones!

Break in your shoes now. It's time to call friends, meet at the HS for a couple of laps around the building, walk at the park on a beautiful evening, or even make a few laps of the mall. Make an effort, not excuses!

Baseball Concessions

The tournament for this week is posted on Charms. Many of the times on Thursday are during the day, so if you (an adult) signed up and cannot work, please let Ms. K. know ASAP so she can get someone else signed up. Students who signed up will work the after school games.

Maydaze Garage Sale

We will be posting times for garage sale shifts very soon! We will need extra adult help, as Jessica can't be there either day. Since Spring Band has moved students will be able to work both Friday and Saturday. Please make sure that once slots open that you and your student only sign up for one time until an announcement is made that second shifts are available.

We are still collecting items for the garage sale! Feel free to drop them off with Jessica or bring them to set up on the first morning of the sale. It is very helpful if you can price your items or sort them into bags that have prices marked on them.

We appreciate everyone's support!

Background checks for volunteers

Please remember that if you didn't fill out your form with Brenda at uniform checkout and get her a copy of your driver's license, you'll need to get that done prior to volunteering. The cost of the background check is $12.50 and is required if you want to work directly with our students. For more information, contact Brenda at

Band Students & Especially Our Seniors

Due to the insanity going on in this race to end the year, we've opted not to name band students of the month. Instead we'd like to thank ALL of our students for contributing to this outstanding year. Every student has brought something to the table and given something to this band. We appreciate each of you!

To our seniors, we're really going to miss you. You've always been a small class, but you're mighty. You've sat at the top of your section since you were very young. Your hard work and determination is unparalleled. You're a very bright, talented, strong group and your leadership has been incredible. The future of the band is bright and you had a big hand in laying that foundation. Thank you for every note, for every memory. Here's something for you to think on:

“Before you leave the band room for the last time, stop and take a look around for just one moment. These four walls have seen you at your worst and at your best. They have seen love between two people and one sided crushes. They have seen your most joyous days and the melancholy ones. They have seen the person you were when you walked in for the first time and now have seen the person you are for the last time. And when you turn back around and walk through the halls for the last time, know that those walls are silently weeping and maybe you are too because you both have realized that in order to go somewhere in life, you must leave home.”

Remember you are all loved. These doors will always be open to you.

How to get credit for your monthly newsletter grade! Due by Tuesday, May 10th!

The purpose of the monthly newsletter is to make sure that students and parents are all on the same page and know about all band activities. To get credit, a parent needs to send an email to the Blanchard Band directors that has the following info: student name, grade, parent name, and that the newsletter has been read. This earns you 100%! If you don't have the ability to email, please have your student get a hard copy from a director and it can be signed and returned for the same grade.

Remember, newsletters are only accepted during the month of the newsletter. Once the month has passed, that newsletter can no longer be submitted.

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