MUST READ! Lisa Weihbrecht, Sr Director Origami Owl

2016 is OUR YEAR!

Hi team! I just returned from the first 02 LEAD event (Leadership, Empowerment, Achievement & Development and I have never been more excited, inspired, and motivated since joining O2 four years ago! Get ready to make 2016 YOUR YEAR! O2 has invested over $2 million in programs, incentives and training to help you grow your personal business and a team if you so choose.

On February 1st you will receive an email called the O2 Flight Plan. It will be chock full of information! Take the time to read through ALL of the information. I encourage you to print it out and make notes and jot down your questions. I also STRONGLY encourage you to attend a SOAR event OR if you are Team Leader and above, to host a SOAR event. It's not too late! A meeting can be 2 people or more! If you are a career title Team Leader you will be receiving the powerpoint presentation and materials to run your own SOAR event. There will be a Nest run webinar prior to Feb 6th to review the information. For a complete list of SOAR events, consult your back office, check our Facebook page or reach out to your mentor or Regional Sales Manager.

I will be hosting an ALL DESIGNER conference call on Tuesday February 2nd at 8:00 PM EST. Once you dial the number below, enter the PIN.

Dial-in Number:

(605) 475-4700

Subscriber PIN:

If you can not attend the call, do not worry about it! There will be FAQ documents available as well as more videos to further explain some of the changes and enhancements to come.

If you are a TEAM LEADER, I will be hosting a special call for you on Monday February 1st at 8:00 PM EST. For call in details, email me at owl.lisaw@gmail.com OR see our WHOOT Leaders page for details.

The changes and enhancements will provide you with the support and tools needed to help you with your business. It will also provide incentives and reward those who practice consistent behaviors The rest is up to you! Do you want to grow your personal business? Do you want to earn incentives? Do you want to increase your income? Do you want to grow your team? Do you want to BUILD a business? What dreams and goals do you have with your O2 business? It is time to put the past where it belongs and move forward. I love this quote from Tony Robbins, "At any moment the decision you make can change your life forever." Who's ready? Let's get ready to SPARKLE and SHINE in 2016!

Owl Think About It

I have started a Facebook Group called Owl Think About It. This group was created for you and anyone that is considering joining Origami Owl. No pressure, no obligation. Just a place to provide information and answer questions so that your potential new team members have all of the information they need when making a decision to join. In addition to the group, I am hosting a WEEKLY LIVE OPPORTUNITY CALL/Facebook EVENT. What does that mean? Every Monday night, there is a number that you and your potential Designers can call in and listen to the call AND/OR they can follow along in the Facebook Event where we post pictures, videos and answer questions. This helps to accommodate more people. Some can dial in but do not have access to a PC, some have access to a PC but can not dial in on the phone OR they can do both! We have already had GREAT success! If you have someone who is JUST THINKING about it, let myself or Sue Csira know and we will add you to the group and you can add your potentials. They can stay as long as they would like! Set a goal when practicing your vital behaviors to invite at least one person a day or a week to join the group!
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SOAR Saturday

There will be SOAR Saturdays throughout the year. The Marketing Calendar will be coming out this week so we will all have a clear vision for product launches, special events and SOAR events. If you are a TEAM LEADER and above, you are encouraged to host your own SOAR event. The Nest will provide all of the material and training that you need. To find a SOAR event in your area, check out your Back Office, NEARYOURNEST Facebook Group, the WHOOT Team Page or reach up to your mentor. These meetings are designed to help you to grow your business, inspire and motivate you! Take the few hours to invest in YOU!