Parent Observation Week Reminders

Week of February 10th through February 13th

Greetings Parents and Guardians:

Information was sent earlier to parents, however, below are a few reminders for the hours, lunch and technology policy regarding Parent Observation Week. As a reminder, the teachers will not be able to take time from their classroom duties to converse with you either during or after your observation. If a question occurs to you while you are watching, please write them down. Your child’s teacher will be glad to answer these questions within our normal teacher-parent procedure, by email, telephone or a scheduled meeting.


February 10 through February 13

Parents are not able to eat with students due to the volume of visitors. Visitors may eat in the general music room on the connections hall during their child’s lunch period.

Visitations will not be allowed if the class is involved with testing or assessments. Electronic recording or videotaping of students or the teacher once inside the school is not permitted. Please silence all cell phones!

Below are useful suggestions when observing your child see what they may need to improve on

  • Eyes on speaker
  • Staying in assigned seat
  • Volunteering appropriately
  • Attending to and staying on topic
  • Working independently
  • Following directions in a timely manner
  • Willing to share ideas
  • Talking with a classmate to much

Any questions you have regarding Parent Observation Week, please contact your grade level counselor.

Lastly, below are the official guidelines for Parent Observation Week. We look forward to seeing you and hope your visit is a rewarding learning experience of the instructional program provided at Bay Creek Middle School.

Bay Creek Middle School

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