Expanding to the west

The expansion to the west in the late 1800's

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Who moved west

There were many people that moved west for many different reasons.

The Mormons

The 49ers or 'Argonauts'

People who moved west for free land.

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Why people moved west

The Mormons moved west to escape religious prosecution.

The 49ers or 'Argonauts' moved west in 1849 to seek gold when James Marshall found gold at 'Sutter's Mill' in California.

There was also people who moved west for free land. The deal was (with the land rush) that if someone moved west they will be given 160 acres to cultivate for five years, and if they do they get the land.

When the government opened up the native american land in 1889 thousands of people came to obtain some land for themselves.

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Problems faced by the people that went west

Those who went west found that they couldn't make the traditional house because the prairie lacked wood or stone. So they made houses out of sod which are called sod houses.

They also had to watch out for diseases, find water, and the fight the weather. They also had droughts in the west.

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What was life like in the west

Life in the west was difficult, with making the sod houses and cultivating the land both men and women had to work hard. Farming the land toke long days and hard work. Whomever moved west had to juggle all of this along with keeping the houses hold going.

Settlers faced harsh conditions such as droughts.

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What role did the government play in getting people to move west

The government did many things to get people to move west, Like the Homestead act and the Oklahoma land rush of 1889.

The Homestead act (1862): This act stated that any adult citizen (or intended citizen) who have never fought against the united states of america could 'claim' 160 acres of surveyed government land.

Oklahoma land rush (1889): The government opened up the Unassigned Lands to the homestead act.