My snowmobile, riding on the river, and going out to eat

My Snowmobile

When I go snowmobiling the first thing I do is get my gear on. I wear an orange helmet with orange goggles, a pink, black, and white Polaris FXR coat, black Polaris snow pants, grey and white Polaris snow boots, and black Polaris gloves. My snowmobile is a black Polaris 500 Indy. We also make sure that we have enough gas to get where we want to go and back without running out. My dad also checks everything that he thinks we could have a problem with just in case nothing bad can happen.

When we leave home I am always excited to ride, because I used to race snowmobiles. Riding every weekend was fun, but I don’t do that anymore. I don’t ride every weekend, but when I do I am happy. To get to the snowmobile trail from our house we have to take the road to Neighbors bar and grill. That is the closest trail to our house. Interestingly, we don’t go there to eat, because there is no point in taking out the snowmobiles if we only go not even a mile from our house. Through the town we go. The trail starts at Neighbors bar and grill and goes throughout Jefferson, but we use it to get to the river, only if its safe enough to ride on.

My Snowmobile

My snowmobile is a Polaris 500 Indy.

Riding on the River

When riding on the river there might be some slush or open spots from the weather being a little warm. I just go around them because i'm nervous that I might fall in, meaning sinking my snowmobile. On the river we go. During the day my family goes fast because there isn’t a speed limit and the river is wide enough to turn fast. When my family goes fast it’s hard for me to keep up because i’m not heavy enough nor big enough to control my snowmobile when they go fast. At night we have to watch out for other riders otherwise we will crash. On the river sometimes my family and I see deer crossing the river so we have to watch for them. Sometimes the water level could be high when the river freezes so when we go under bridges we have to duck otherwise we will hit our heads. Surprisingly, riding during the day is less fun than riding at night.


That river looks very similar to the one my family and I ride on.
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Family Snowmobile Trip

My family and I went out to eat on our snowmobiles to Linda's Lookout.

Going out to Eat

Usually when we ride our snowmobiles we are going out for lunch or supper. By the time we are getting close to the restaurant I am getting pretty hungry and cold so i’m ready to get inside somewhere warm. We go to places that are close or on the river so we can take the river the whole way there. Getting off the river can be quite nerve racking, because so many snowmobiles are coming on and off it all the time so when you are getting onto land you have to go fast or you won’t make it onto land, you will probably make a whole in the ice. Once we get inside we take off our helmets, gloves, and coats so we can eat. Usually we go on the weekends so the whole family can go, and the Green Bay Packers are usually on so we watch the game while we are eating and then head back home. Linda’s Lookout is usually where we go to eat.