Japanese Food

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Their Japanese diet is quite healthy; daily staples like rice, tofu, and fresh vegetables make them some of the longest-lived people on earth. But many Japanese people also have a weakness for American food, fried chicken. In major cities, there is often a KFC to be found every few blocks. Although only a small handful of Japanese are Christian, they have adopted KFC as a Christmas Eve tradition. On December 24, every KFC in Japan features lines out the door.The KFC legend is not confined only to the holiday season.

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Kit Kat!!!

The kit kat is really popular in japan because if their coincidence of language. Similar to the phrase “kitto katsu” which means you shall surely win, so it’s used as a sediment of good luck. Students are often given the candy before an exam as a good luck charm. And its not just milk and chocolate they customized to a wide variety of different flavors. Such as grilled corn, miso, camembert cheese, baked potato, and soy sauce.

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