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Superintendent's Weekly News December 3, 2021

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December 3rd - Early Release

December 7th - LSUU Board Meeting (Stowe Elementary) 5:30PM - AGENDA

December 21st - LSUU Board Meeting (Morristown Elementary) 5:30PM

December 23rd - Early Release

December 24th - 31st - December Break


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Weekly Update

Dear LSUU Community,

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving break. It was great to see our students return this week as we enter December and move forward with the high level of teaching and learning happening throughout our district. On Tuesday, I had a chance to speak at the Elmore Informational Meeting to discuss the upcoming vote on Tuesday, December 7th. I think it's important for us to have these open and honest conversations when it comes to the organization of our district and ensure accurate information is being relayed.

On Tuesday, Morristown and Elmore will decide whether or not to ratify the vote that was approved by Stowe voters in the spring, and Elmore is also voting to withdraw from the district. However this pans out, it is important to note there are differing legal opinions on the next steps if either of these votes are approved. Due to the way that the Act 46 statute is written, it is unclear how the state will address this situation. The most important thing is that it does not impact our students and staff, especially under the current conditions of the pandemic. From a central office perspective, we are putting our energy into ensuring students are provided with a high quality experience every day and will tackle any reorganization if / when that time comes in a way that is best for kids.

Please take a second to complete the survey below if you have not already. Also, please note that December 23rd will be an early release day for our district to provide our employees with a bit of additional time going into the break, recognizing their hard work and relentless dedication to our students.

Thank you and have a great weekend,

Ryan Heraty


Lamoille South Unified Union


ARP Funding Survey

If you have not had a chance, please take our survey HERE to help us determine the best use of our next round of COVID relief funding.

Goal Update: Proficiency Based Learning

As you may know, one of our three district goals this year is focused on revising our proficiency based learning system. Our district goal reads: By the end of 2021-22 school year, we will have evidence to support a clear understanding, definition and benchmarks for high level Proficiency Based Learning (PBL) instruction.

This past week, our entire leadership team, including principals and central office administrators, met with a consultant from Marzano and Associates that helps support this work in thousands of schools all over the country. Participating in a day of reviewing our current system and visioning for the future, we were able to get more clear on the action steps necessary to reach our district goal. Our current plan is strong and involves a high level of input from educators and the community.

Over the past month, here are a few action steps that have been taken to reach our goal:

1. Teacher leadership teams have been created to revise standards documents and provide input into the yearlong plan for revision.

2. The Curriculum Council (one of these teams) participated in a five workshop training connected to the latest research and process for leading proficiency based learning to ensure we have common language and are working off best practices.

3. The entire faculty participated in a training focused on building and maintaining strong collaborative teams at each grade level. Collaborative teams are the engine for consistency across the district and ensures we are truly valuing and respecting our teachers as content experts and professionals.

As you can see, we are making headway as we revise the great work that has been done in our district with the latest research and supports.

Below is our timeline for this work that was shared in a presentation to the LSUU Board on November 2nd.

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