By:Devin Vanwey

whar squirrels live

Squirrels live in north America,south America,Asia,Africa,and Europe. Tree squirrels make nests out of twigs,leaves,and tree bark. Ground squirrels make beros under ground. Squirrels home in the winter is called a bero.

tips of squirrels

Thar are 280 tips of squirrels speeches. Chipmunks are also part of the squirrels family. one of many squirrels are sugar glider. white squirrels are albino (al bine oh). Squirrels are one of many mammals.

squirrels food

Squirrels eat mostly nuts,seeds, and fruit. Different squirrels eat Different things.

Squirrel body

A squirrels tail is uses to keep warm an umbrella and shade. Squirrels are 5 inches and 13 centimeters long.
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This presentation was dun by a 9 year old kid named Devin Vanwey he likes playing out side his favorite food is ice cream his favorite color is blue he lives in Thousand Oaks.