How Can We Protect Our Hearing?

Some Tips to Protect Your Hearing


  1. Don't stand in the traffic jam too long or the honking of cars will hurt your eardrum.
  2. If you are standing next to a firecracker, working in an airport, where the airplanes are taking off, you are constructing a building with a drill or mowing a lawn, you NEED to wear earmuffs or something that can cover your ear.
  3. Don't turn the stereo system on the MAXIMUM level or it will damage your ear.
  4. When an alarm clock is close to you, it would be REALLY LOUD!!!
  5. Don't use ear buds to listen to something often because it could damage your hearing, too. So, I will suggest that if you don't wear ear buds, you could wear headphones!
  6. When someone shout very loud to your ear, it can damage your ears.
  7. When you are in a rock concert, don't sit in the front row near the rocker because the sound of the rocker's singing can damage your ear because it is too loud.
  8. When you are standing close or next to a jet or plane that is taking off, it is really loud.
  9. When you are standing next to an ambulance for 15 minutes, it can also damage your ear.
10. If you listen to your cellphone ring for too long, the ringing sound can damage your hearing.

Those are some ways that you can protect your hearing! I hope that it helped you in your daily life!