The Plan For Government

By: Kenna Williams


the year the Constitution Convention happened

New Government Needed

the reason a new government was needed was because Congress had no power to coin money and that is a problem because one stuff could be more expensive than one state than the other. Another reason was because " It was just a firm league of friends." there was not an actual leader no one to actually stand up and make laws.


There was 55 delegates. There was representatives of the colonies. And they were all white males.


The Virginia plan is based on population. The New Jersey plan is same power for all.

The Great Compromise

House of Reps- ( VA plan)

Senate- (NJ plan)


Should slaves count in population? Southern delegates said yes. Northern delegates said no. The compromise was 3/5 of slaves count.

States and Federal Power

Power is divided between state/federal. Foreign issues trade between states. National defense coining money. State powers= Reserved powers like Education, Marriage laws, and trade in state.

Separation of Powers

How to protect against bad government.

Divided government into 3 parts

  • legislative-makes laws
  • Executive-enforce laws
  • Judicial-interpret laws

Branches have some power over others

Changing the Constitution

Amendments can be added

  • if 2/3 of and senate agree
  • and 2/3 of states agree at convention