Take Back the Tap

Spring 2015

Water Fountain Upgrades

The new Student Assembly Infrastructure Fund Committee has awarded $20,000 to Take Back the Tap for water fountain upgrades! Our team is looking for locations on campus that are most in need of new fountains and bottle fillers and we are working with facilities to get them installed. This project will help make Cornell's tap water more easily accessible, so we can continue to provide free, convenient, and clean water to everyone on campus.

Know somewhere that could use an upgrade? Let us know!

The Bottle Structure: An Unexpected Journey

This semester, the bottle structure has continued to roam around campus, trying to satisfy its wanderlust. It first took up residence in the Physical Sciences Building near Baker Lab. The bottle structure was content there for a time, but it soon became enamored with the Ag Quad. In a spur of the moment decision, it packed up and rolled on over to Kennedy Hall, where it happily settled in next to the Shoals Marine Lab office. Rumor has it, the bottle structure is once again feeling restless, and may be heading down to Noyes Rec Center on West Campus to get in shape this summer.

CCP and Bobble Event

On April 20th, we held a successful event at RPCC in coordination with Community Center Programs. We had tap water trivia questions and organized a water taste test, challenging participants to differentiate between tap water, bottled water, and filtered water. Bobbles were awarded to the participants of both tests, courtesy of Avi, our campus Bobble rep. We also held discussions with students interested in learning more about switching to tap water and gave out lots of stickers.

Free Cooler Rentals

After brainstorming ways to make our free cooler lending service more convenient and accessible to Cornellians, we have decided to partner with the Willard Straight Hall Resource Center to offer cooler lending from a central location on campus. Since the WSHRC is open through the evening and even on Saturdays, borrowing our coolers will now be faster and easier than ever! Just reserve the coolers through our online form and they will be ready for you to pick up from the WSHRC for your event.

Take Back the T-Shirt

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