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Kids going to war

My first Topic to talk about is kids that are going to war, it makes me mad how the military are recruiting kids that are on there list and kids don't even know now they are sending them to war. I don't like how our country is turning out. Kids should get to pick there own future.Decide how they want to live there life.

Our country

Our country is irritable i don't like it at all in my opinion i think that we don't need to worry about the office we don't need to worry about the people that we live next to we need to worry about our country and how our president is using the power we gave him for no good he is just sitting in his office while all of this stuff is going around the bad stuff to.


I don't like how people think bulling is helping there personality i think bulling is just bully's hurting people to make them happy. I think if someone bully's you,you should speak up it doesn't matter if its not cool but it is the right thing to do.

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