Innovation Trip to Israel

November 3-7 2013 |

Hi-Tech, Innovation, Imagination and Ingenuity Trip to Israel

On November 3-7 2013 an exclusive group of professionals, investors and others will visit with the brilliant minds shaping the future of Technology in our generation.
We're looking forward to helping investors and others make connections to ensure tomorrow's new start-ups can reach the audiences they need to create the impact needed.

Israel is today one of the hi-tech leaders of the world. This industry has mushroomed over the past twenty years or so with some of the world’s leading technology companies joining Israel’s own start-ups in utilizing the skills of Israel’s population and establishing research and development centers in the country.

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Trip Details:

Join an amazing luxury 'Hi-Tech' and Historical

trip to Israel guided by professionals in the field.

  • Trip is based on Hi-Tech and will include wonderful
guided historical tourist attractions daily

  • 3 Meals a day included
  • Only 5-Star Hotel accommodations
  • November 3-4 in Tel Aviv
  • November 5-7 in Jerusalem, Rehovot

Israel - a hi-tech superpower