January Kindergarten Newsletter

3rd Week of January

January 12th- 16th


We are continuing to add details in our writing as it relates to the main idea. The 4-Square Template has been a great addition to our writing routine. It offerrs a wonderful visual for students to understand 4 details matching a main idea.

Here is the same breakdown that you can continue practicing the skills at home:

  • VERBAL: We begin with conversations, students answer questions using these complete sentences and develop the understanding that all ideas need details- you need to explain why you like something.
  • WRITTEN: We are working with a 4-Square Template.
  1. Students fold a blank, white computer paper, into 4 boxes (one horizontal fold, one vertical fold).
  2. Then students glue a sentence strip on the top of the 4-Square Folded Paper.
  3. Write their main idea or opinion on the sentence strip at the top of the page to show the focus.
  4. Lastly, students create illustrations to provide matching details and reasonings for their main idea.


The skill this week is Sequence. We will be describing the order of the story using specific elements such as characters, setting, and major events. Students will do work in a lapbook, created with construction paper that will breakdown the story of the week. This lapbook will also be carried throughout the month of January to tie in non-fiction elements that relate to our story.

We will be working with different Jan Brett books and take a closer look at her favorite things. Jan Brett will be our first author study!

This week's sight words: are, and, they, see, look


We currently bridging units in math. While we are still working in great detail with the skills in Topic 4: Comparing and Ordering Numbers we are incorporating Topic 5: Numbers Up to 20.

Specific skills that would be great for your child to practiced at home:

  • Making numbers up to 20 (10 and 6 is 16)
  • Comparing numbers within 20 (12 is less than 18, etc)
  • Using a number line
  • Using vocabulary while comparing numbers, "like, fewer, more, less" to answer the question of how many more or less? (18 is 2 more than 16)
  • Practice writing and reading numbers up to 20 (numerical and written form)

Faith Formation

We are in fully swing learning God's 10 Commandments, the majority of the students know and can explain all 10 Commandments. We practice identify different ways we apply them into our daily lives, with or without realizing it. Students have been working on a lapbook to describe the 10 Commandments in their own words.

Our daily discussion continues to include how we can live out our missions the same way our Mother Mary did and the all the saints so well :)

Important News

Wednesday, January 14th, is a half day (noon dismissal)!

There will be no lunch on Wednesday, unless your child is going to aftercare. If your child is going to aftercare please provide a packed lunch, the school cafeteria will be close and unable to provide lunch.