space race

project by zairia.B

about the space race

the space race began in 1957 against the usa and the ussr the space race was a competition of the 20th century
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the space race facts and summary history. com www,the space race .com/timeline/


1 the usa and the ussar are having a competition who can go up in space and to the moon 2 the usa used monkey to space on the first rocket ship ever builded 3 the first person to ever walk on the moon was neil armstrong 4 in oct 4 the ussar launches the spunik into space 5 the ussar sends a dog into orbit on sputnik 2

about john.f.kenndy space race

on may 25,1961 john f.kenndy gave a speech about the space race about going to the moon and back and about the race against the usser.

why i chose space race

1well because it more about it then the race between the usa and ussar 2 because its the rockets and the people who went into the the space rocket and flew to the moon and back


he was the first person to walk on the moon and come back to earth of such great glory to his country

time line of the space race

oct 4-ussar lanches spuntik 1 into space nov 3-ussar lanches spuntik 2 into space with a small dog named laika into orbit mar.5-exploer 2 is lanuch but fail to make it into obit jul 20 neil armstrong and edwin buzz was the first men to walk on the moon while their crew mate michel collins orbit the moon alone

2 way that this affected texas

1 texas at the time way a part of the usa in the space race 2 texas joined the usa back in 1845 so the space race was a huge deal for the usa
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