Repurposing the card catalog!

Fill the drawers with book recommendations!

Kids are Book Experts

We are repurposing the old, wooden card catalog to hold book recommendations written for students, by students.

Every group that has visited the Barrington Middle School library in the past two weeks has contributed ideas for labeling the card catalog drawers. The most frequently mentioned suggestions are now in place.

The labels are: Action/Adventure; Animals as Characters; Dystopian; Fantasy; Graphic Novels; Historical Fiction; Horror; Humor; Mystery; Non-fiction; Realistic Fiction; Science Fiction; Sports; Survival; and WWII/Holocaust.

A shout-out to fifth grader Alec B. for contributing the very first recommendation!

Please encourage your students to write a recommendation for a book they enjoyed! They can use an index card from the library or one from your classroom. They can set it up like Alec's—including the book title, author, genre or category, the recommendation, and their own name at the bottom.